Techno in Dublin: Interview with Phillip Redmond

Interview with DJ Fat32 Wizard, aka Phillip Redmond, on his music and his upcoming show with Babylon on Sunday

Dublin is home to many genres of music, from folk to blues, jazz and rock, you can find anything your heart desires. However, nothing has shaken the Dublin music scene quite like the rise of techno.

The growth of the techno community in Dublin has been rapid. Techno Collectives like The Shed Residents, who began their collective during the Covid-19 pandemic, have paved the way for other techno creators and listeners to explore the genre for themselves.


Phillip Redmond, a 25 year-old techno DJ living in Dublin, spoke to Babylon about his music, the techno scene in Dublin, and his upcoming gig with Babylon on Sunday, 19th of February.

How Did Phillip Come Up With His Stage Name Fat32 Wizard?

Having a catchy and memorable name in the music industry is a must. A unique name allows you to hold a place in the memory of your peers and community in general. It is your brand, how you identify yourself and how people will remember you. Most artists take a lot of time perfecting their name, agonizing over every detail; Phillip had a different approach.

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“When deciding on a stage name, I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time on it and that the more time I spent thinking; the more critical I’d be of it”, he says.

Phillip came up with a genius idea that both simplified his stage name search and mystifies some that hear it: “Basically if you want to plug your USB directly into the decks, allowing them to read the mp3 files properly it needs to be in FAT32 format. You can usually just do this in windows but if your usb is over 32 gig you need to download an additional programme to reformat it, called NTFS-TO-FAT32-WIZARD”.

Phillip continued: “One day I saw the programme on my home screen and made the call there and then. I always get a kick out of the looks I get after mentioning the name”. 

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How Did Phillip Get into Techno?

Techno seems to be everywhere at the moment. From creators online talking about raves to posters and advertisements of festivals, you cannot deny the presence of a booming techno scene.

 When asked why he decided to embark on this techno journey, Phillip said it was all around him. With so many techno clubs and events happening in Dublin, it has never been so easy to fall in love with the genre and the community.

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Melt! Festival, Germany

However, Phillip has taken influence from techno artists from all over the globe and that the style of techno in Germany particularly peaked his interest: “In Germany, it’s a different scene, a lot of what they do is flips of fun songs, which is something I enjoy doing with my own music”.


Phillip likes giving the Dublin based techno community an opportunity to experience different styles of the genre that may not be as widely available in Dublin. Speaking on his upcoming performance with Babylon on Sunday, Phillip said: “We’re trying not to pigeonhole people, and keep a light and dancey vibe for the night”

Who Are Phillip’s Musical Influences?

Many musicians have stated that they’re work has been influenced by a number of different artists and genres, sometimes outside of their own. Phillip is no exception.

“I grew up listening to classical trance, my dad was really into trance so that influenced my work a lot”, he says.

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Phillip also admires artists from genres outside his own: “I mean, I really like electronic music, but some influences of mine include Madness and The Prodigy, to name a few”.

When and Why Did Phillip Start Playing Music?

As a relatively new DJ in the techno scene, Phillip has been actively mixing for 8 months now.

His interest in playing techno music stemmed from a stay at a friend’s house in Wicklow, where Phillip claims; “The love was born”.

“My friend has some decks at his house, and we would stay up until 5am most mornings just to mix tracks”, he says.

Phillip’s passion for playing music and sharing it among the techno community is beyond admirable: “I just want to share my music with people, and use Soundcloud to connect with an audience”.

Why Phillip Doesn’t Want to Make Techno His Full Time Career

What Is A DJ

In opposition of the old adage; ‘Do what you love, love what you do’, Phillip is adamant that he does not want to make techno his full time career.

“I want to keep my hobbies pure, with no schedule and no pressure”, he says, “I love playing music, and I don’t want to feel obligated to do so, or for it to turn into a chore”.

Phillip is not alone in his feelings, in fact, CareerFitter suggests that passion doesn’t pay the bills; money does. Money supplies the freedom to focus on what you love to do without the pressure of profiting from it.

What Does Phillip Think About the Techno Scene in Dublin?

As stated before, techno is massive in Dublin and is growing stronger by the day.

StayGenerator details the flourishing scene: “For a city of just one million inhabitants, there’s an amazing amount of techno nights in Dublin. There’s a flavour of Berlin’s Berghain and London’s Fabric here – but it’s cut with a dash of unique camaraderie among local club goers, particularly over Paddy’s weekend”.

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Phillip agrees with StayGenerator’s views, but thinks that the Dublin techno scene could use some adjustments: “There aren’t enough venues to play, and with the 6am licensing laws coming into play, bigger players in the techno scene will be cementing their spots”.

Phillip’s Upcoming Show With Babylon

On Sunday, 19th of February, Babylon will broadcast a live show with various DJ’s, including Fat32 Wizard, for a night of fun and dance.

When asked about his upcoming show with Babylon, Phillip said: “we’re really excited about Sunday, It’ll be my first time playing in Dashi, which is pretty cool, so I’m looking forward to it”.

Along with Phillip, DJ’s Chand and Vinz Balboa will also be playing, ensuring a great night for all.

Fans of techno are in for a treat on Sunday, as Phillip describes what to expect from his set on the night: “It’ll be groovy, lots of fun, with some well known songs, as well as some sci-fi, spacey vibes”.

So, get ready to boogie! With the event held in Dashi, Smithfield and free entry, it’s surely not to be missed. It starts at 8pm, so what are you waiting for?

Autumn Corcoran
Autumn Corcoran

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