The best Mexican restaurants in Dublin

Enjoy spicy Mexican food but not sure where to find it? We speak to Mexicans in Dublin to find out where they go to enjoy some authentic local cuisine.

Dublin is known for its varied foreign population living here, and consequently a lot of diversified restaurants have opened in the city. Part of these include the variety of Mexican restaurants in Dublin that have good reputations among Mexicans, Brazilians and also Irish. 

Mexican restaurants in Dublin

First and foremost, coming very well recommended is the El Grito Mexican Taqueria, found just off Mountjoy Square. It is said to be a good place to experience original Mexican food, great customer service and low prices, including colorful decorations that bring authentic Mexican culture close to home. 

El Grito serves many options, with dishes such as traditional delicious nachos, tacos, burritos, and a variety of dishes with names like torta al pastor with meat, chilaquiles with egg and cheese, pambazo with bread and lots of salsas. Mexicans are known for their love of spicy food, making something to drink a necessity, so is possible to find great deals on meal combos costing between €10e-€16. Most of the employees are Mexican, but they all speak English, and you can find the menu written in both Spanish and English for that extra authenticity. 

Mexican restaurants in Dublin

The second Mexican restaurant coming with a good reputation is Xico, on Baggot Street Lower. Great ambient textured walls with yellow and red lighting bring a certain mystery to the place. On the walls large Mexican paintings make the place quite fancy. Xico is known as an underground spot that is a mix of restaurant and nightclub, the tables and chairs make way for djs and dancing around 10pm, which appeals to young people. It is open from 5pm and the customers often decide to stay longer, enjoying the club until closing. They have a great menu of Mexican dishes and a wide selection of drinks, including pints and shots. The most popular day at Xico is Mondays, when they serve all dishes and drinks for half price. 

Yamel Vega, a Mexican girl we spoke to, who has lived in Dublin for several months, spoke about both places with love and said both of them have “specific details of an approach that bring true Mexican culture to a place like Dublin.” But be aware, at most Mexican restaurants in Dublin the food and drinks are prepared a bit on the spicy side, as all good Mexican food should be!

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