The best non-alcohol drinks. What non-alcoholic drinks are available in Ireland?

Many people in the world prefer to relax in the company of friends at the weekend or in the middle of the week. Often at these gatherings people have dinner and a drink, a glass of wine, a light cocktail or a glass of beer helps you to relax. What about those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks?

The first soft drinks appeared on the market in the 17th century. They were based on lemon juice and water with the addition of honey. At the end of the 17th century, the French company “Limonadier” acquired a monopoly on the sale of lemonade soft drinks. 

Since then, the range of soft drinks has expanded considerably. There is now a huge variety of non-alcoholic drinks available. Health enthusiasts can have a delicious steak or pasta with a delicious alcohol-free cocktail. Cocktail drinks, aperitifs and digestifs are available to the public. These drinks can help keep you healthy, without denying yourself a pleasant and tasty experience. 

Non-alcohol wine

Fish or meat would make a great accompaniment to a non-alcoholic wine. A rich, but harmless drink lets you enjoy the taste of your favourite dish. 

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine (0%)

Connoisseurs of non-alcoholic wines note that red wines are richer in flavour. Eisberg’s Cabernet Sauvignon will excite wine connoisseurs who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

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This sparkling wine, with no alcohol content, is refreshing and its light and pleasant taste allows you to enjoy it to the full. The visual appearance of a sparkling wine is not unlike that of a classic alcoholic drink. The pink variety is also worth trying.

Opia Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

This drink doesn’t have a strong wine flavour, which will please those who aren’t fans of too bright grape flavours in drinks. “Opia” by Vintage Roots is more like a tart peach juice. The flavour and aroma of the wine unfolds best when chilled.


This non-alcoholic sparkling wine is indeed very reminiscent of the heady Prosecco, with its light, pleasant taste and sourness. “Noseko” can often be found on the shelves of Tesco. So, grab a bottle for your dinner.

Non-alcohol spirits

These drinks can be mixed with other beverages to create cocktails with unique flavours. With spirits, you can create interesting drinks to suit your tastes, each to suit a specific mood. 

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Atopia Spirits (0.5%)

“Atopia Spirits” does taste a lot like a classic gin. The only difference from the standard drink is the lack of alcohol. The best combination with such spirits would be tonic, ice and lime. All the ingredients in this drink are natural, and the Gin is made by distillation in copper cauldrons. There are three variants of Spirits in the range. The first is “Spiced Citrus”, which has citrus notes. The second variation is “Hedgerow Berry”, which is bitter and pungent. The third is “Rhubarb and Ginger” – rich in flavour.


This drink has a distinct ginger flavour with a twist. The original and rich spirits can be mixed with soda and citrus fruits can be added. Some gourmands use this drink in cooking.


The main promise from the creator of the drink is that taking “SENTIA” will make the drinker feel as relaxed as after two servings of an alcoholic beverage. Those who enjoy the drink note its tonic effect and even a reduction in anxiety.

Jukes 6 (0%)

Jukes is a mini whisky commonly mixed with carbonated tonic water. The taste is berry-spicy with notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and plum. This cocktail drink is excellent for toning and refreshing. It’s also great pure with ice. You can drink it even unrefrigerated and it won’t lose any of its flavour. 

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Non-alcohol beer

Non-alcoholic beer is one of the most common variations on the classic drink. A variety of brands can be found in literally every shop, so that both connoisseurs of rich, bitter flavours with a wide range of tastes and lovers of light beers can choose their beers. Non-alcoholic beers, unlike many other drinks in this segment, can often be found in bars and pubs. Depending on the variety, beer pairs well with snacks, meat, fish dishes and even sweets. For example, some dark beers are recommended by connoisseurs to be taken with chocolate or fruit. 

Lucky Saint (0.5%)

This beer can’t be called completely non-alcoholic, as the alcohol content is still 0.5%. However, the extremely low alcohol content makes it a light and accessible beer for those who don’t like tipsy and heavy beers. “Lucky Saint” is worth a try for all beer lovers.

Heineken, Carlsberg, Corona

These light, non-alcoholic versions can be found on the shelves of any supermarket. These beers are great for those who don’t want to stand out with their friends. You won’t even know you’re drinking a non-alcoholic beverage because the taste and appearance of these beers remains as close to the classic as possible.

Guinness 0.0 (0%)

Irish “Guinness” is one of the most popular beers in the world. It is known everywhere and its taste has been dazzling beer connoisseurs for decades. The non-alcoholic variation on the famous drink is as close as possible to the original in taste. Alcohol-free “Guinness” is virtually indistinguishable from the classic. The same deep and full flavour, the dark colour and the stable and dense foam are all features that beer connoisseurs appreciate in this drink.

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Best Irish non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails

In Ireland you can often see people with a bottle of “Club Orange” and “Lucozade”. The first is an orange soda. This drink, by the way, has been around since the 1930s and is still hugely popular. “Lucozade” is an energy drink. It is often used as an energy boosting drink after physical exertion. 

When it comes to cocktails, there are many interesting cocktails in Ireland that are great for people who prefer a healthy drink.

  • Dublin Apple. Ginger ale – 1 part needs to be combined with 2 parts apple juice and grenadine syrup added. The cocktail is best drunk chilled.
  • Celtic Twilight. Mix iced tea with lemon and orange juice and add honey.
  • Emerald Isle. Ginger ale and grapefruit juice should be mixed in equal parts, adding ice and lime juice.
  • Shamrock. Two glasses of vanilla ice cream must be mixed with half a glass of milk and a drop of mint syrup. You can add a little green food colouring to achieve a green shade. Garnish the cocktail with whipped cream.
  • Irish Cream Soda: To make it, you need to mix equal parts soda and Irish Cream Syrup. You get a delicate and creamy, but refreshing cocktail which should be served over ice.
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We hope the unusual non-alcoholic drinks will help you relax and enjoy good company.

Kateryna Mazovetska
Kateryna Mazovetska

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