The city of the dead

When you come to a new country, it’s very likely that you’re keen on learning about the history of the country. Probably, the following trip, which is going to be introduced may sound weird, however, believe me it’s a good opportunity to get to know Irish history. “The city of the dead” is a tour in Glasnevin cemetery, where you can explore Irish history.

The cemetery is very old and was opened in 1832. In the beginning it was only for Irish Catholics, a few years later, Protestants started burying their believers as well. Nowadays, both Irish Protestants and Catholics can be laid to rest there.

The Glasnevin Cemetery Museum provides many attractions, such as exhibitions, where you can get to know about famous, important people from Irish history. What’s more, you can take part in tours, like the general history tour or dead interesting tour. Both give you comprehensive knowledge about history. Rising tours, informs you about combatants and civilians involved in and affected by the Easter Rising in 1916. These events shaped Irish modern history. The Women’s Tour, is about important female role models. The Literary/Cultural Tour will bring you to the unforgettable world of Irish writes and literature. The Joycean Tour, of course, is about one of the most famous Irish novelist James Joyce. The Labour tour provides information about those who helped achieve social reforms. The Military History Tour informs you about those who fought with Wellington in the Napoleonic campaigns through to the trenches of WW1. The Shared History Tour is a general tour about the most important events of Irish history.

Naturally, the museum has many more interesting attractions, so that everyone will find something for themselves.


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