The Doors Alive

The Doors is an epic band. They definitely changed the music industry and the perception of sound, led the music in a different direction.

The most recognizable member of the band is Jim Morrison. He brought the band to the highest level of success. He is still an icon. Thousands of people come to his grave every year in Paris to pay tribute to the great musician. It is believed that Morrison was like an addiction to his fans. His wild performances and crazy personality attracted fans across the world. He died as a 27 year old man, an unforgettable rock star as and when he joined “the 27 club”. Probably the cause of his death was heroin overdose.

The Doors was formed in 1965 in Los Angeles. The band included the above mentioned singer Jim Morrison, guitarist Robby Krieger, drummer John Desmore and keyboardist Ray Manzarek. The innovative sounds, deep, intense and mysterious lyrics made the band one of the greatest rock bands till now. Undoubtedly the most famous song is “Light my fire”, who doesn’t hum this catchy song

Do you want to feel like in the 70s? Be surrounded by tunes of seductiveness and addiction. Feel the hot and mad atmosphere of The Doors world?

On 24nd of February, this Friday! At the The Academy there will be a gig entitled “The Doors Alive”. The band gives performance of The Doors songs. It ‘s a good opportunity to go back to psychedelic period, immerse yourself into freedom mixed with tempting sound. It would definitely be a spiritual experience.

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The tickets cost 15 euros.

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