Top 10 Most Affordable Student Cities in Europe vol. II

6. Toulouse

Toulouse is a typical student city. Everywhere you go, you can see groups of young people taking advantage of the numerous cultural pastimes. Close to the Pyrenees, it is the perfect location for those in love with skying and other wintersports. Plus: Toulouse is located near the borders with Andorra and Spain, so taking a spontaneous trip in a neighbouring country couldn’t have been easier.

7. Madrid

The second Spanish entry to the top of the most affordable student cities in Europe is surprisingly the very capital of the country. It also counts to the largest and most livable European cities and displays besides a fast-paced modern lifestyle also plenty cultural and business opportunities.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid are the best ranked universities in the city.

8. Lyon

Just like Toulouse, Lyon has the advantage of being situated next to the Swiss and Italian borders. It is considered to be one of the capitals of the amazing French cuisine and it also prides on having been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Both cultural and fresh thanks to the numerous students living here, Lyon is one of the main financial centers in France. If you are pursuing a career in a business or economics-related field and France is your dream destination, you might want to dig deeper into what Lyon has to offer.

9. Lisbon

One more European capital counts among the most affordable student cities in Europe. Lisbon is a mosaic of breathtaking historic buildings, vintage trams, beautiful traditional music and excellent food and wine to cater even for the most exquisite tastes. And, nevertheless, on a budget, when comparing Lisbon to other international study destinations.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the University of Lisabona are the most notable academic institutions.

10. Barcelona

And last but not least, the second biggest Spanish city and the capital of the world famous region of Catalonia. If you’re a fan of Antoni Gaudí’s work, Barcelona is your dream city. With a distinctive vibe and look thanks to the genius works of the modernist architect, Barcelona is not only aesthetically pleasant, but also vibrant and alive – a real hot spot for young people and international students all over the globe.

Most notable academic institutions are University of Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (all ranked in the rankings).


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