Top 10 Most Affordable Student Cities in Europe vol. I

1. Warsaw

The Polish capital is considered to be the second most affordable student city in the world (after Kuala Lumpur) and tops the list of the most affordable student cities in Europe. Almost completely destroyed during WW2, Warsaw was in short time reconstructed and now prides on an Old City counting among the UNESCO World Heritage sites after being reconstructed in the spirit of the history between the 13th and the 20th century (and looks definitely just the way it did before the war). Warsaw is known to be a city with a unique personality, teeming with young people and endless pastimes.

Notable higher education institutions are the University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology.

2. Berlin

Another capital comes next in the top of the most affordable cities in Europe. Comparatively low (or even nonexistent) tuition fees, affordable accommodation prices and an amazing student mix of young people coming from all over the world are the main qualities that recommend the German capital as an excellent choice for an international study destination. Berlin is an eclectic combination of vibrant cultural life, interesting ethnic mix and hot business scene, which makes the city suitable for any type of student.

What’s more, 3 higher education institutions in Berlin are high in the World University Rankings (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin).

3. Munich

Have you thought that Berlin is the only affordable option in Germany? Well, if the southern part of the Bundesland appeals to you more, have a look at what the capital of the world famous Bundesland, Bavaria, has to offer. Of course there’s more to Munich than Oktoberfest when it comes to free time activities and the international student mix is just as colourful as it is in Berlin.

Technische Universität München ranks 60th in the 2016 QS World University Rankings, which makes it the best ranked German university.

4. Vienna

Praised by many international rankings as one of the cities with the highest living standards in the world, the Austrian capital and the jewel of the fallen Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy is as culturally rich and diverse as you can get. Tuition fees are, just like in Germany, either very low on an international level, or nonexistent. Compared to many other European capitals, the living costs in Vienna are rather low. What you get in exchange is beautiful baroque architecture, cultural events galore, plenty of green space and some of the world’s famous museums.

The Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna and Vienna University of Economics count among the most popular institutions with international students (who, by the way, come in droves to the Austrian capital).

5.  Valencia

Spain’s third largest city and the birthplace of the scrumptious paella, Valencia is a charming coast city and a real tourist magnet. Mesmerising beaches, a well preserved old city, rich cultural life and plenty of festivals – in other words, a dream destination for many international students looking for an affordable city in the vibrant Spain.

Universidad de Valencia and Universidad Politecnica de Valencia are the most notable academic institutions.


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