Top 10 Free Activities in Dublin

Looking for free activities in Dublin? We got you! There are plenty of things to see and do in Dublin, but not all of them have to come with a hefty price tag. Here is a selected list of activities in Dublin that are free, including Museums, Gardens and Parks, and Tours and Markets.


Surprisingly, there are a lot of museums that are free to visit in Dublin. 

National Gallery of Ireland

You can find a collection of European and Irish art from 1300 to the present day at the National Gallery of Ireland. They have a diverse selection of exhibitions all year. Besides that, they offer tours, lectures, workshops, and events, all for free. 

You can shop Irish designs at the Gallery Shop or enjoy a treat in the Gallery Café.

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National Museum of Ireland 

The National Museum of Ireland contains 4 themes, 3 of which are located in Dublin. You can visit all of them for free. There are: 

The Museum exhibits all archeological artifacts found in Ireland. The collection contains more than two million artifacts. 

This Museum is called the “Dead Zoo” because it houses skeletons of Irelands’ extinct animals. A program of talks, workshops, and tours is offered all year long, all ages included. 

Home to a large range of artifacts, furniture, silver, and weaponry included. 

Chester Beatty 

You can find Chester Beatty on the grounds of Dublin Castle. This museum holds a collection of manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. It was named “European Museum of the Year” in 2002. 

Parks and Gardens

National Botanical Garden of Ireland 

A short distance from Dublin City Centre lies the National Botanical Garden of Ireland. Over 17 thousand plant species are located in under 50 acres of space. It is famous for its Victorian glasshouses and the great palm house, Ireland’s only rainforest. 

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of the largest public parks in any capital city in Europe. Besides Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park is home to other animals, such as a herd of wild fallow deer Furthermore, you can find Victorian Flower Gardens, Tea Rooms, Phoenix Café, and a Biodiversity Information Centre there. 

Garden of Remembrance 

The Garden of Remembrance was designed and dedicated to all those people that “gave their lives in the cause of Irish freedom”.  The designer intended to create a place of quiet remembrance. It is a perfect possibility to escape the clamor of Dublin. 

Tours and Markets

Temple Bar Markets

Although Temple Bar is always worth a visit, it is especially worth a visit on Saturdays. Because on Saturdays, you will not find one, but three markets in Temple Bar

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Food Market

This food market is one of Dublin’s oldest. You can find there fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, and other goods from local traders. It is every Saturday on Meeting House Square from 9:30 am to 4 pm. 

Designer Market 

Are you looking for a special gift or souvenir? Then this Designer Market is where to look. It offers a large selection of handmade crafts, jewelry, and knits. It is located in the Old City and takes place every Saturday from 10:30 am to 5 pm. 

Book Market 

A must-see for every book lover! Browse through a selection of new and second-hand books, CDs, and  Vinyl. You can find Temple Bar Book Market at Barnardo Square from 10:30 am to 5 pm. 

Walking Tours 

There are several free Walking Tours in Dublin. They are a great way to be shown around by locals and learn about the city. We list here just a few of these tours: 

Even though these tours are offered for free, you are expected to leave a tip. Make sure to book your Walking Tour online, to make sure that you can actually join the tour because it is limited to a specific amount of people. 

Howth Head 

Howth Head is a stunning coastal area located on the Howth Peninsula, just 15 km away from Dublin City Center. It offers breathtaking views of the Irish Sea and Dublin Bay as well as many walking and hiking trails. Howth is known for its excellent seafood restaurants, which offer a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood dishes. All in all, Howth is the perfect destination for a day trip. 

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The Umbrellas 

Looking for a nice Instagram-worthy picture spot? Then let’s go to Anne´s Lane! There you can find Dublin´s Umbrellas, known as “The Umbrellas”. This colorful umbrella installation attracts visitors who want to see unique spots. Even without taking pictures, this is a fun thing to visit. It is located within walking distance of the City Center. There is even a cocktail bar located next to the installation, which happens to be one the best in Dublin. If you want to enjoy this colorful place with a nice cocktail, Zozismus Bar has your back.


These are just some of the free things to do in Dublin that you can enjoy without breaking the bank. Have fun and let us know if there is something we missed.

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