Top 6 Events June 20 in Dublin

Darkey Kelly´s Tuesday Singer Songwriter Night

Darkey Kelly´s Singer Songwriter Nights is a weekly event every Tuesday. Starting at 7.15 pm to 10 pm and featuring some of the best singer and songwriters in Dublin and visiting performers. Usually hosted by Tommy Keyes, but sometimes there are guest hosts as well. Darkey Kelly´s offers besides a free concert every Tuesday a wide selection of the finest beers, wines, and whiskeys in Dublin as well as some exceptional bar food. 

Price: free

Start: 7.15 pm 

No ticket needed 

Venue: 19 Fishamble St, Christchurch Pl, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

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Image by Tommy Keyes

Ukulele Tuesdays

Every week on Tuesdays a group of Ukulele players come to Stags Head and play pop tunes, which has a years-long tradition. This week’s Ukulele Tuesday is a bit different than usual since it is Pride Week. This means, their songbook will feature songs by LGBTQ+ artists, gay anthems, and songs by gay icons as well as staunch allies. This free event starts at 8 pm. 

Price: free

Start: 8 pm 

No ticket needed

Venue: 1 Dame Court, Dublin

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Image by Ukulele Tuesday

CWA Panel for National Crime Reading Month 

Hodges Figgis, the oldest bookshop in Dublin, is hosting a night of thrills with a specially selected panel of established Irish crime authors. Meet the authors: Andrea Mara, Gill Perdue, Amanda Cassidy, and Michelle McDonagh. 

Price: free

Start: 6 pm

Tickets here

Venue: Hodges Figgis 56-58 Dawson Street D02 XE81 Dublin 2

Ukrainian Play Readings at Trinity College Dublin Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Trinity College Dublin invites theatres around the world to show solidarity with Ukraine by putting readings of plays by  Ukrainian writers and giving them a platform. Starting at 5 pm, this event is free but donations are highly appreciated. 

Price: free

Start: 5 pm 

Tickets here

Venue: Trinity Long Room Hub College Green Dublin 2

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Board Games and Fun Night 

Tonight you can play board games at The Clockwork Door, meet new people, and have fun. The admission is 10 Euros, but snacks and coffee are included.

Price: 10 Euro 

Start: 6.30 pm

Tickets here

Venue: Clockwork Door 51 Wellington Quay Temple Bar Dublin

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Bits & Pints: Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic Night 

The N2O Comedy Club invites you to their Bits & Pints Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic Night at the Black Sheep. Join them for a fun night full of laughter. Admission is free, but donations are highly appreciated. 

Price: free but donations are highly appreciated 

Start: 8 pm 

Tickets not needed

Venue: The Black Sheep, 61 Capel Street, Dublin, Ireland

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