Upcoming Irish animated movie has a new, famous executive producer.

Angelina Jolie joined the team who is producing a film which tells the story of a young girl from Afghanistan, who disguises herself as a boy to sustain the family after her father is unfairly imprisoned. The Breadwinner is in pre-production and due for completion in early 2017.

The actress, who is known for engaging in humanitarian affairs, said that it is a good opportunity to highlight the contribution made by young girls in conflict areas.

“Millions of young girls like Parvana are growing up today under oppression or conflict, and helping their families to survive in those conditions. This story is a reminder of the immense value of their contribution.”

The movie is directed by Nora Twomey, the Irish co-director of the Oscar-nominated animation The Secret of Kells. The film is being produced by Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon, Aircraft Pictures and Melusine Productions, with producers Tomm Moore and Paul Young of the Cartoon Saloon, Anthony Leo and Andrew Rosen of Aircraft Pictures, and Stephan Roelants of Melusine Productions.

The Breadwinner is based on the novel of the same name by Canadian author Deborah Ellis. The children’s novel, which was first published in 2000, has been in print for more than 15 years and is recommended reading in numerous middle schools throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The book received several literary awards, including the Peter Pan Prize and the Middle East Book Award in 2002.



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