Venezuela Crisis: Three Killed at Anti-government Protests

Recently, there was a huge protest in Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro.

At least three people were killed, one teenager and one woman were shot dead.Almost ten thousand people were protesting against a new presidential election and the release of a politician from the jail.

The president accused protestants of attacking police and destroying shops. He added that 30 people were arrested due to the protest.

Venezuela has been suffering from high inflation, shortage of basic goods and widespread crimes, in spite of having the largest oil reserves in the world.

There are protests all across the country, and they are considered the largest protests since the past few years. The aim of the protest was to put pressure on the president to start negotiating with the opposition to prevent an economic crisis.

According to media, the protest is believed to be “a second independent day” in Venezuela. The country has a huge problem with inflation and is on the verge of collapse.

Since a few weeks, Venezuela has to struggle with riots between protestants and police, which already killed an injured many people.


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