Vice-president of Venezuela sanctioned by the USA

The Trump presidency has raised controversy since he won the US election. Lately his government has announced a statement where the vice-president of Venezuela is accused of being involved in drug trafficking.

Naturally the announcement increases strains and pressure between the USA and South America. The issue is very tense, The US claims that Mr. El Assami sent shipments of  drugs and was cooperating with drug lord Walid Makled.

When the statement of John Smith, the director of the The US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control was announced, he said that certainly there will be some sanctions and additionally he assured that no one will be protected if is engaged in drug trafficking.

Another assertion was about businessmen Samark Lopez, who allegedly is a “primary frontman” in the drug trafficking. Due to this, all companies controlled by Lopez will be restricted and blocked.

One week ago some politicians sent a letter to Donald Trump, demanding to start proceedings against Venezuela’s government who are accountable for corruption and human rights abuses. Additionally Mr. El Assami was accused to have connection with Hezbollah.

The vice-president has been the US’s target for many years. He is accused of passport fraud which apparently ended up in hands of the Middle East people and Hezbollah as well.

Obviously both Mr. El Assami and Lopez denied the accusations and claim they shouldn’t have been put on the sanction list due to the fact that there is no evidence they are engaged in drug trafficking.


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