What is the difference between Hitchcock, di Caprio, Nazis and a dog ?

The Nazis and a dog have won the Oscar trophy. It was the first voting and the movies were still silent. For Rin Tin Tin, the 11-year-old German Shepherd rescued from ‘World War I’, these times were glorious, like the birth of the Great Britain queen.

He had played in 27 films. Four of them were created in 1929, the first year when the Academy Awards took place. These were the best times for Hollywood and movies. Without never-ending commercials, fights for Facebook likes and actors who are famous only because of being famous.

At the same time the ‘Nazi Party’ was becoming stronger and stronger in Germany. In the few years they would be in power and create a new culture with the big movie ecosystem. That’s why, when Rin Tin Tin won the voting for the best actor award but couldn’t receive it because of not being a human, they gave it to Emil Jannings. He was a German actor who would go on to make propaganda films for the Nazis in the 1930s.

He received a very similar trophy to those which are prepared for this year’s laureates. Firstly, the golden icon had been designed, on paper, by Cedric Gibbons, chief art director at MGM, and transformed into a sculpture by the LA artist George Stanley.

Finally, there is one very important question to ask. Why does everybody in the world say ‘Oscar’ to describe the ‘Academy Awards’ ? We don’t know exactly. From the thousands of legends and tales probable, like finding a sober people in Ireland, one is more likely than most.

When the Academy’s librarian, Margaret Herrick, first saw the statuette, she said it looked like her Uncle Oscar and started to use his name to name the award. Later more people from Hollywood got used to this.

Although, we will never know the true story of ‘Oscar’ name as well as why we care about who will win the awards.


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