10 brands for sustainable clothing in Ireland (2021)

Sustainable clothing is a hot topic in Ireland at the moment. Although the demand for sustainably made clothing is on the rise, fast fashion stores are still the easiest to access and most common places where we buy our clothes.

Often it can be difficult to find sustainable clothes we like and can afford. Here is a list of 17 brands that we can shop from in Ireland.

1. Maven Hill Market

maven hill market 4 1

Price range: €-€€

Maven Hill Market is based in the UK and sells vintage clothing and home decorations. The brand offers sustainable clothing at an affordable price. Instead of manufacturing their own products, Maven Hill finds their “vintage and handmade goods from small businesses and artisans who are focused on sustainability, fair trade, and ethical manufacturing practices”.



Price range: €€-€€€

FRESH.CUTS. is a Dublin based clothing brand. The founders focus on sustainability while offering everyday-wear clothes with a wide range of styles so that everyone can find something they like.

Apart from selling their own clothes, FRESH.CUTS. also shows and sells other brands’ products. Represented brands are from all over Europe and stand for the same values as FRESH.CUTS.

Their shop can be found online or in Castle Market, Dublin.

3. Marks and Spencer

Mark and Spencer

Price range: €€-€€€

Marks and Spencer is known all over Ireland and the UK. Something that you might not have known is that the retailer sells sustainably responsible clothing.

The brand is using eco-friendly materials. M&S also shows commitment to reducing the use of water as well as banning all chemicals from their production process. Marks and Spencer is definitely one of the most well-known shops and breaks the rule of fast fashion in most big shops.

Find your closest shop here.

4. Gym+Coffee


Price range: €€-€€€

Gym+Coffee is becoming more and more popular at the minute. If you look around, you can see many people wearing the athletic-looking range of clothes from Gym+Coffee. And they are right to do so. G+C offers a wide range of clothes for both men and women.

The brand has launched its Amárach Collection, which is made from 100% sustainable materials. On top of that, G+C uses “I used to be a fridge”-bags. These are bags made from recycled plastics from fridges. Finally, like other eco-friendly brands, Gym+Coffee plants one tree per purchase.

Today, the brand has an online shop as well as multiple stores in Ireland. You can find a list here.

5. Boden


Price range: €€€

Boden is a brand for everyone who loves casual, chic pieces and doesn’t mind spending a bit more.

Based in the UK, it does a lot to keep their sustainability promise. The brand supports various charities, like REGUA (restoring the rainforest) and British Baby Banks (donating clothes to families in need).

Additionally, Boden points out how important it is not to throw out your clothes. Therefore, a lot of time and calculation goes into their products to ensure lifelong wearability without any shrinking or other issues.

Currently, the only way to buy their collection in Ireland is in Next and via their online shop.

6. Thought


Price range: €€-€€€         

Thought sells simple and timeless pieces for any occasion.

Something that caught my attention when looking at their website was the range of materials they use. Besides the usual sustainably gained materials, Thought uses bamboo and hemp for some of their clothes.

When it comes to sustainability, Thought’s message is that a little bit of consideration towards our world can make a big difference in how we act.

With their base in the UK, you can purchase their pieces in their online shop.

7. Levi’s


Price range: €€-€€€

Levi’s has been around for a long time and is known for its denim clothing.

Although we’ve all heard of the denim giant before, it might be new for you to hear that Levi’s is committed to sustainability.

To reduce the number of clothes ending up in a landfill, Levi’s has got their own second-hand shop. This gives people the chance to pass on their old clothes to someone who will find joy in them.

Something very honest of the brand to say is that “there’s still work to be done”. Their sustainability goals are on their website for anyone to read.

Levi’s stores can be found internationally with multiple locations in Ireland. Find your nearest shop today.

8. Champion


Price range: €€-€€€

Champion is a well-known brand nowadays. Finding out that it pays great attention to sustainability and upcycling certainly lifts its image.

Champion focuses on three different areas in sustainability: Waste, water, and climate. Rather than just selling branded clothes, Champion reuses its old materials to create new products. Additionally, Champion is planting trees. But, different from other brands, they have created their very own forest with 1942 trees.

Champion clothes can be found in many different stores, including Next, Lifestylesport, JD Sport, and its online shop.

9. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Appararel

Price range: €-€€

Alternative Apparel sells casual, sporty, everyday clothes at an affordable price.

The brand is under the same label as Champion, called Hanesbrands.They work with shops that all follow the same sustainability goals. Therefore, just like Champion, Alternative Apparel does everything possible to be good for the planet.

Their focus is simple, but effective. The brand offers a 100% organic clothing line with high comfort.

Currently, you can buy their clothes on Amazon.

10. Grown


Price range: €€

Grown is an Irish brand that sells casual wear with a simple design made out of various sustainable materials.

Grown doesn’t only act sustainable but also uses nature to find inspiration for their new collections. Visit their website to read their connection towards and love for nature.

Grown is based in Ireland and is working on refurbishing native Irish woodlands. To support them, you can buy a tree on their website for them to plant. Also, for every piece you buy, a tree gets planted as well.

You can shop their collection in their online store.   


This was a short summary of ten places to buy sustainable clothing in Ireland. As you can see, it is possible to shop sustainably without having to spend a lot more money.

Talking about prices, we have to keep in mind that there is a reason why sustainable clothing tends to be more expensive. Sustainable clothes have the goal to last for way longer than fast fashion clothes thanks to their high-quality materials. Therefore, you might end up spending less money in the long-term as you won’t have to replace your clothes as often.

The list of sustainable clothing brands can be extended and we can expect it to become longer again in the future. Shops like Zara and H&M are not sustainable enough to be listed yet, but have sustainability plans to improve their impact on the world.

Do you buy sustainable clothing? If yes, what is your favourite brand to shop at?

Let us know in the comments to share the knowledge and spread the word.

Christine Brungard
Christine Brungard

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