4 Irish Depop Shops for Sustainable Shopping During the Lockdown

4 Irish Depop Shops for Sustainable Shopping During the Lockdown

Sustainable fashion today is becoming more important than ever. In the last few years, fast fashion’s popularity has increasingly become part of our society. Unfortunately, it has adverse effects that cost the planet’s well-being. With sustainable fashion, we have an array of choices to choose from. Making the ethical choice of shopping sustainably can reduce material waste, support smaller ethical businesses, and reduce the demand for textile production, which leads to the creation of greenhouse emissions. Brands, such as PrettyLittleThing, Missguided, and Boohoo, are certainly examples of fast fashion brands to avoid while making ethical and environmentally friendly choices.

Since our very first lockdown, online shopping has become more popular, and sales of online clothing stores have increased. In times where consumerism is high, it is important to be conscious of where we spend our pennies. Depop displays Irish and worldwide shops, meaning there is an abundance of preloved clothing waiting for a new home. Depop is an accessible way of purchasing clothing during the lockdown without ever needing to leave your home.

What can I find on Depop and Why choose Depop?

With the abundance that Depop offers, you can fulfil your style dreams. From Y2K, street style, vintage designer pieces, and much more, there is something for everyone to collect their desired wardrobe on Depop. Depop offers everyone the opportunity to find the clothes they were looking for that are preloved or in need of a new home. This way, the clothes getting a new home don’t go to waste. Buying new clothes and contributing to fast fashion brands can be harmful to our planet. Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and textile waste that impact the ticking time clock in regards to climate change. Opting for the sustainable choice can significantly make an effect and is a significant step forward in taking your part in helping the environment. Below are a few of my favourite Irish Depop sellers that offer a wide range and quick local shipping.

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Sugar and Spice Vintage 

One of my favourite Irish vintage shops on Depop by far has to be Sugar and Spice Vintage. Sugar and Spice Vintage provides a plentiful selection of clothing that offers something for many. If your favourite style is Y2K, Regina George-esqe, or 90s, this is the Depop shop for you. Based in Dublin, this business is an amazing one to support for preloved clothing. The condition is impeccable. The items are unique with something different on each post. 90s fashion is making a major comeback and is thriving more than ever. If you want to reconnect with your favourite 90s movies fashion style, there is always something for you at Sugar and Spice Vintage.


5975 Vintage

5975 Vintage brings a wide range of sweatshirts, jackets, and jeans to Depop. This shop has a great selection of unisex fashion and has sufficient stock to chose from. 80s to the 00s style is available on 5975 Vintage: love the iconic television show Friends? A selection of brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Adidas to chose from to name a few, can help you replicate your desired Friends style, from Rachel Green to Joey Tribbiani. You can shop unisex to find your desired 90s-00s look. From this shop, you can shop these brands sustainably at a lower price.


Funky Monkey Vintage

Funky Monkey Vintage offers vintage pieces from brands that are not easy to find today. With the selection to choose from, there is something unique for everybody to discover in this shop. High fashion from the 90s is brought back to life with the full selection of Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste styles that are not easy to find today. With handpicked items that save you the search in your local vintage store, this Depop store allows you to scroll and find something you like sufficiently. Funky Monkey has a large selection of stylish sweaters and jackets that are perfect for the cold months and for layering over your outfit. 


Nine Crows

One of Dublin’s most beloved vintage stores has to be Nine Crows. Based in Temple Bar, Dublin, Nine Crows is a vintage shop straight out of a fashion lover’s dreams; it has a constant stock of many different styles. You can find a diverse assortment of shell jackets, eans, funky trousers, and cute tees. Their online shop gives a great option to not miss out on their stock while shops remain closed during Ireland’s lockdown. Post-lockdown, their main store in Temple Bar, Dublin must pop in a while looking out for fashion bits. They also have their thrift store located in Mary Street, Dublin, which offer affordable prices ranging from €2-€30, perfect for collecting stunning items on a budget!


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I couldn’t recommend sustainably for clothes enough, especially on Depop. This way of shopping opens opportunities to find clothes you have never seen before, such as a plethora of different styles, and it will allow you to explore your fashion sense. As individuals, we have the power to make a change: being mindful of where we shop is a start. Fast fashion brands, such as PrettyLittleThing, cost the environment’s well-being through overproduction and extremely cheap sales that result in the underpayment of workers. Avoiding shopping through fast fashion brands is a major choice for taking a step forward in your sustainability journey. Many think one person cannot make a difference, but, if everyone took this step forward, their action could have a huge collective impact.

There are more than enough sellers on Depop to choose from, giving an opportunity for small businesses to flourish and receive support. During the lockdown, supporting these shops are a great way of keeping small businesses afloat through these difficult times. As exciting and fun shopping around charity and vintage shops can be, Depop allows a seller to find specific bits and have an easier experience finding items that they would love that are already preloved.

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