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6 steps for a more understanding vegan persuasion

By Christine Brungard / June 16, 2021

Veganism is becoming more and more common every day. There are various reasons for people to become vegan. Many vegans see it as their responsibility to persuade non-vegans into their lifestyle.  Some vegans tend to approach non-vegans rather aggressively by telling them they are murderers for eating animal products. Unfortunately, vegans’ attacking approach of trying […]


10 brands for sustainable clothing in Ireland (2021)

By Christine Brungard / June 14, 2021

Sustainable clothing is a hot topic in Ireland at the moment. Although the demand for sustainably made clothing is on the rise, fast fashion stores are still the easiest to access and most common places where we buy our clothes. Often it can be difficult to find sustainable clothes we like and can afford. Here […]


Being an Au Pair: A guide

By Christine Brungard / June 11, 2021

Being an Au Pair is a common option for students who want to travel to a different country and learn a language without having to spend a lot of money. I have been an Au Pair in Ireland for two years now, and am here to help everyone who has questions about how to become […]


7 hidden benefits of the lockdown

By Christine Brungard / June 9, 2021

The coronavirus lockdown has completely changed our lives. Things that used to be normal like hugging our friends, visiting family and driving to work were absent for over a year. With the lockdown restrictions easing up it seems like a good time to revisit the last year. There were a lot of losses that we […]


Pubs reopening in Ireland: What can we expect?

By Christine Brungard / June 6, 2021

Since Leo Varadkar has confirmed outdoor service in pubs, we all have been excited and been counting down the days until the reopening of our favourite pubs. Since March last year pubs have been closed and only recently have started serving drinks over the hatch. Before Christmas last year, pubs could reopen for a short […]


Things you didn’t know you missed from home

By Christine Brungard / June 2, 2021

Everybody who decides to leave home and travel to a new country faces new experiences and things to learn. Depending on how connected you are to your home, family, and friends, it varies whether you leave with the feeling of finally being free or of already knowing that you will miss them. Nonetheless, once you […]