10 Hangover cures from around the world

Humans are creatures of habit, even if those habits leave you feeling like the physical embodiment of death the next day. We have all suffered through the fifth circle of hell they call a hangover, nausea, diarrhoea, the headbanger headaches are the telltale sign of the katzenjammer, but not all is lost just yet, here are our top 10 hangover cures from around the world. 


pickle juice

Pickle Juice – Poland 

Does it sound odd? Yes, it does. But, does it work? Hell yes. While it’s not the most appealing of cures, it is quite effective if you push yourself to drink it.

On a more factual note, pickle juice is full of vitamin C, electrolytes, and water, making it the perfect concoction to rehydrate your body and expel all the toxins. Additionally, pickle juice also contains succinic acid, a substance which fights the hangover symptoms. Succinic acid accelerates the decomposition process of the acetaldehyde, which causes some of the symptoms of the hangover.
It is the handiest and quickest cure I’ve come across. 



İşkembe Çorbası (Tripe Soup) – Turkey 

Yes, you read that correctly: it’s tripe! But, if done correctly, this extremely popular Turkish hangover cure can be delicious. A local delicacy generally made with tripe also contains garlic and vinegar for some tang and egg yolks for some creaminess. Restaurants in Istanbul’s streets start serving bowls of iskembe corbasi right after midnight on New Year’s Day for the sozzled masses to regain some human function.



Prairie Oyster – America

Ah! The classic American cure: unlike much of American hangover foods, the Prairie oyster is not fried or sweet, but rather just an ultra-revolting concoction of a raw egg, a few dashes of hot sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and some salt and pepper. Without much scientific backing, this piece of culinary art, the prairie oyster, might not cure your hangover, but might just prevent one.



Haejangguk (Hangover Stew) – Korea 

There is nothing in this world that soup can’t solve, and a hangover is no different. A personal favourite, this Korean delicacy translates literally to “soup for a hangover,” and it seems like it would do some kind of trick, if not the trick, after a soju bender. It is rich in electrolytes and B vitamins, two things thought to tackle the symptoms associated with heavy drinking. Served with rice and a variety of Banchan, this dish is the warm hug you need when you feel like the physical manifestation of death.

Regional variants have a whole lot of cabbage, some other vegetables, and congealed oxblood, all in a hearty beef broth. A similar recipe with a similar name is documented as far back as the 1300s, there must be something right in it.



Menudo – Mexico

It’s a traditional dish made with, beef tripe and hominy, a stew that’s rich in peppers, garlic, and other assorted spices and often garnished with chile powder, oregano leaves, cilantro, chopped onions, lime wedges, and sliced radish. It’s served with fresh, warm tortillas.
While the hearty soup might not save you from the good lord’s revenge, it will surely leave you feeling better.



Tapsilog – Philippines

The only thing that anyone wants while suffering from a hangover is to eat something easy, something fatty, but also crispy, meaty and filling. Well, fortunately, this Filipino dish is here to turn all your hangover dreams into reality. Tapsilog is ideal for nursing your hangover, It’s basically like cured, semi-dried, or marinated beef with garlic rice and a fried egg. I really like how it’s simple, filling and super-convenient, with places that sell it all over Metro Manila.
It’s the salty, crispy slap that will get you up on your feet before you know it.


Khao Tom Kui

Khao Tom Kui (Porridge) – Thailand 

The best option to deal with hangovers is Khao Tom Kui. This is a Thai cuisine that evolved from Chinese food. It is like a salty porridge with some meat and vegetables in it. This kind of food can be found on the streets of Bangkok for almost 24 hours. It is best to have a bowl of hot porridge after a night of partying.


Breakfast blaa

Breakfast blaa – Ireland 

They say God created whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world.
The number one Irish hangover cure is a full Irish breakfast roll, or the Irish blaa, which generally consists of two sausages, two rashers, one slice each of black and white pudding, and a runny fried egg (or two) all placed inside a crusty white french baguette that has been generously buttered. 

According to a 2017 survey conducted by Ireland’s national directory enquiry service, 11850, 63% of Irish people see the Irish breakfast as the ultimate remedy for a night of hard-drinking. Side note: the survey was conducted in honour of Ireland’s National Hangover Day – 18 March.



 Katogo – Uganda

Uganda’s favourite hangover breakfast showcases the country’s staple crop, matooke, a green banana akin to a plantain. The matooke is peeled and cooked whole or mashed, then topped with a beefy sauce made from tripe, intestines, and sweetbreads. Goat offal or beans may sometimes be substituted, but beef is the gold standard. 


k 1

kater fruhstuck (Rollmops) –  Germany

kater fruhstuck or hangover breakfast is basically electrolyte-loaded skewers of pickled herring, gherkins, and onions. Now, picture the rollmops wrapped around a savoury filling like a gherkin.

This is highly popular in electrolyte-balancing potassium and sodium; its omega-3 fatty acids are important for brain function. Helping you fight even the most aggressive kater, this German invention might not seem appealing but sure is effective.


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