2€ Charge to Be Introduced For Parking at Dublin Cemetery

The Glasnevin Trust charity, which operates the Dardistown cemetery in Dublin, has announced it will start charging visitors €2 for parking at the cemetery in order to prevent people who are not visiting the cemetery from parking there all day for free. The new parking toll, which will come into effect on 2 May, is an attempt to stop people from using the graveyard ground as an illegal dumping ground for household waste. Due to free access to the grounds, people have been dumping items such as mattresses, freezers and fridges. This measure is introduced to boost security at the graveyard and help the trust pay for repairs.

The Glasnevin Trust said that the increased traffic had caused significant damage to the landscape surrounding the graveyard and that up until now, the trust had payed for all repairs.

Dublin Lord Mayor Brendan Carr said that while he supports the parking fee, he doesn’t think that people who actually visit the graveyard should be charged. He also raised concerns over people who visit it every day and suggests that they should register and be exempted from the parking toll.

Many think that the new parking toll is inappropriate since you shouldn’t have to pay to see your loved ones who have passed away. Some argue that the security measure will not prevent illegal dumping when the installed CCTV cameras at the cemetery could not do so.

People can still park for free outside the cemetery grounds and people with a disabled pass continue to park for free inside the gates.

Jenny Bui
Jenny Bui

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