Jenny Bui

Jenny Bui

Natural Heritage Sites Threatened by Criminals


According to a WWF report, almost half of the UNESCO world heritage sites are threatened by wildlife crimes which include poaching, illegal fishing, logging and trafficking of rare species. These crimes are committed in 45% of natural World Heritage sites.…

Karaoke in Dublin


What could be better than spending your night out in Dublin by grabbing a group of friends and coercing them into singing with you along to Oasis’ or ABBA’s hits in one of the numerous pubs and karaoke bars. Often,…

Pope Opens Launderette for the Poor

pope launderette

Pope Francis has opened a free launderette for poor and homeless people in Rome called the Pope Francis Laundry. The facility includes washing machines, tumble dryers and offers detergents. The Vatican said that the project aimed at restoring dignity to…

China Offers Rewards For Spy-related Information


China decided to dig deep in its pockets in order to obtain information that will lead to the discovery of foreign spies. It was announced in the Beijing Daily, a communist party newspaper, that Beijing’s residents are offered up to…

US Launches Missile Strike Against Syria

missile strike

The Us has launched missiles in retaliation for the Syrian government’s chemical attack on a town held by rebels. At least 80 people including children died in the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun. Prior to the attack,…