5 Ways to Beat Lockdown Boredom: Upskill as you relax

Is lockdown boredom getting to you? Or maybe you’ve just had enough of Netflix and emails from your boss. If this sounds familiar then keep reading, because in three minutes we’re going to tell you about five sites and apps that can break that dull cycle and add a little something extra to your CV. 

Without further delay, let’s dive in!



If you’ve never used Domestika before, I suggest you try it immediately (after reading this article of course!). Domestika is a site that has just about every online course you could imagine: from learning how to sketch to graphic design to woodwork. There’s even an introduction to photoshop. This site is perfect if you’re looking for new skills to learn in lockdown but don’t know where to start, or simply as a way to relax after a hard day at home. With Domestika, you simply make an account and pay for the course you want to do. There’s no hassle with monthly subscriptions and with no deadline, you can view the lessons as many times as you like! I know because I’ve watched the lessons from my architectural drawing course twice now. What’s not to love? Moreover, the courses come with different language subtitles. These cover the main European languages, so it’s open to everyone. So if you do nothing else today, I highly recommend you give Domestika a go. Plus it’s something new to tell your friends about besides the same old topics of work or Covid.

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Google Digital Garage  

Another online forum that can help you upskill during lockdown is the Google Digital Garage. Nowadays, everything is online and it’s all about content creation, SEO (search engine optimisation) and branding, so if you’re curious about what this stuff all means and how it works, then check out Google’s Digital Garage. The online courses are all free and cover topics such as how to land your next job, public speaking, understanding the basics of code and even a certified course on the fundamentals of digital marketing. This site is a wealth of information, particularly if you want to try something outside your comfort zone. It’s also a great way of building your computer confidence, particularly if like me, you’re more of a pen and paper person. As a bonus, if English is not your first language and you work in an IT job these courses are perfect for language practice as they have instructional videos completely in English that are spoken clearly and most importantly, slowly. Upskilling never looked so easy.



Learning a new language seems to be at the top of everyone’s skills and accomplishments list and one easy way that you can do that is by using Drops. Drops is a free app that’s similar to Duolingo, just without the dreaded bird notifications. It feels more like a game than anything else. Simply choose the language you want (they have an entire list ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese), make a cup of tea, and improve your language skills with five minutes of Drops a day. Breaking out of your lockdown boredom doesn’t have to be another chore, so why not give this app a go and who knows, you may impress your new employer with a few words of Tagalog. 

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Nike Training Club app  

Our fourth way of breaking that lockdown boredom is with the Nike Training Club app.  If you’ve had enough of staring at a screen all day and just want to squeeze in a quick workout before the washing machine has finished, then this app is for you. It’s free and easy to use, with the workouts split into different categories depending on what you’re into such as endurance, mobility, strength, yoga, muscle groups, timed workouts, or equipment-based workouts. It also has the added bonus of allowing you to add your own playlists and has videos which show you how to carry out the exercises properly. Now I know what you’re thinking, “how is this helping me upskill?”. I hear you and whilst a new employer may not necessarily hire you based on how well you perfect your deadlifts, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Therefore by staying fit during these long days, you can help make your mind sharper, faster, and therefore more productive. That way you can get back to learning other new skills and hobbies. 

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Drive and Listen  

Saving the best for last, we now come to our final way of breaking through that boredom. The website Drive and Listen is a personal favourite of mine as it lets you drive around the streets of some of the world’s most popular cities. It’s a free website that is easy to access and there is no sign-up required, simply go to their website, choose where you want to go and hit play. You even have the option of turning on street noise as part of the experience to make you feel as if you’re really there. It’s perfect if you’re feeling homesick or simply need a change of scenery. As a bonus, you can also listen to the local radio station, so it’s a chance to experience local music and learn about new places. Relax and enjoy, you’ve earned it. 

Now that you know about some great apps and sites to help you tackle lockdown, get out there and try them for yourself!  

Comment below and tell us your favourite app or hobby that’s helped you personally or professionally this year. 



Grace Duffy
Grace Duffy

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