5,000 Year Old Tomb Unearthed at Hellfire Club

Archaeologists digging at an old hunting lodge unearth tomb.

An ancient passage that is believed to be a burial tomb was discovered yesterday at Hellfire Club in the Dublin mountains.

Little information is available as to what the tombs were really used for and what they will uncover. It is believed that before the lodge was built, a large tomb in the shape of a mound once occupied the area. These mound shaped tombs generally date back to around 5,000 years ago.  

Experts believe that around the year 1725, workmen destroyed the tomb and used the materials to build the Hellfire Shooting Club Lodge that currently stands today. The destruction of the tombs have been rumored to have started a series of supernatural events.

Legend has it, in the 18th century when famous Irish politician William Connelly constructed the lodge, the devil himself was outraged by the deconstruction of the tomb and sent a “devilish” storm into the mountains to destroy the roof. Connelly was not phased by the supernatural event and responded by rebuilding the roof in stone giving the establishment its signature look.

Archaeologists taking part in the dig believe that the tomb is part of a series of underground tombs used as cemeteries.

Already the team has found flint, charcoal and tiny fragments of bone estimated to be over 5,000 years old! At the site, Archaeologists are working by hand hoping to uncover any artifacts that haven’t been destroyed with the deconstruction of the tomb in the 18th century.  
The public are invited to visit the site and check out the Hellfire Club as well as the excavation process.

Craig Marshall
Craig Marshall

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