6 Best Autumn movies

There’s no doubt that Autumn is the most nostalgic season. Orange leaves perfectly combined with the characteristic green landscape of Ireland. Stepping on them as a way to relax. Feeling the fresh cool air, new beginnings, hot chocolate. “Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong playing in the background and…best Autumn movies ready to be watched!

Now that Dublin is in level 3 again, we better stay at home as much as possible. Grab your comfiest blanket and enjoy a cozy night in with this Best Autumn movies list.

Good Will Hunting

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Robin Williams was one of a kind and Matt Damon is one of the best of his generation. Two great minds in two unforgettable characters: Will, the rebel genius and Sean, the resilient psychologist. Together, they will try to fix each other’s lives surrounded by beautiful California during Autumn. 

Dead Poets Society

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Another classic to the list. Who doesn’t want to have John Keating as a teacher? This Irish movie shows the power of breaking the rules of society during the 50’s always for improving it. Based on poetry, you will fall in love with the idea of being part of the Dead Poets Club in such a wonderful place as Vermont. Also, this film makes you feel so alive and gives you all the good vibes to believe in yourself and spread awareness as mottos. Oldie but goldie. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Wes Anderson is the king of colour palettes. For his first cartoon film (based on Roald Dahl’s novel) he uses gold, brown, mustard colours and of course, the main one, orange. Fantastic Mr. Fox talks about fantastic wild animals living underground that try to survive from horrible farmers. Anderson really knows how to humanize them! Besides, this is not a movie just for kids. Pay attention to the little things covered by an adult and extremely clever humor. 


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This movie, like Autumn, melts our hearts. It talks about an invalid and an immigrant on criminal charges and teaches the real meanings of honesty, generosity and friendship. This dramatic comedy uses warm colours to teletransport you to the most beautiful France and an unbelievable soundtrack thanks to the one and only Ludovico Einaudi. It is considered one of the best films of the decade and the most popular of all times in France. 100% recommendable!


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This Irish film shows the story of a busker in Dublin that meets a woman in the street. Their passion for music is unmeasurable and the soundtrack is just perfect; ‘Falling Slowly’ even won an Oscar for Best Original Song! Check out this romantic musical drama and start learning an instrument because, trust me, you will want to.

500 Days of Summer

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If you like The Smiths, you will probably like this movie too. This is a very sentimental one so get ready to explore your deepest emotions. Sometimes, even more when we really like someone, the sweetest part of us comes out. In this film, Tom meets Summer and instantly falls in love with her. The expectations were high but the relationship turns the other way: she doesn’t feel the same. After 500 days, Tom meets a new person very similar to him…guess her name?

Welcome Autumn! Have you ever watched any of these movies before? What do you think about them? Which one is your favourite one?

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Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira


  1. Great selection Tami, I can’t wait to revisit some old favourites and experience new ones ????

    • Hi, Beverley! First of all, thanks for reading this and taking your precious time for even leaving a comment, that’s so sweet. I hope you enjoy those movies during this nostalgic season, I’m waiting for your recommendations 🙂

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