How to quickly get into the autumn mood

Thanks to Covid-19 the summer went incredibly fast, so you’re probably not ready for the autumn yet. However, autumn is a great time, and these tips should help you get into the autumn mood!

Candles and other autumn decorations

autumn 2707068 1280Autumn is the time to create a more cosy environment, at home and at work. Decorate your home with autumn colours – orange, yellow, and brown. If you want to support local businesses, there is a list of those here – all of them are available on social media and have pretty things to freshen up your interior for autumn!

You can never go wrong with a candle, which you can get from The Candle Store, Candlemania or Celtic Candles. There are also vegan and eco-friendly options. A candle can be a gift because you can order a personalised one with your own design.

Watching autumn movies

people 3281583 1280The easiest way to get into the autumn mood is to watch an autumn movie. For example, October Sky or Dead Poets Society both have that autumn atmosphere. You can also rewatch your favourite series to have a fresh start into the new season. Why not watch all the eight Harry Potter movies?

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Cosy and comfy clothes

people 2590555 1280Don’t be upset when it gets colder outside because it’s time to wear cosy and comfy clothes. Find your favourite sweater in the closet, or even buy a new one to keep warm in the autumn. If you still have clothes you haven’t worn in the spring due to the quarantine, now is the time!

Going to a local market

english market 3726249 1280Autumn is harvest season, so now is probably the best time to go to a local farmers market and pick some fruit, vegetables, and flowers. A good place to visit is the English Market in Cork, which has been providing the Irish with a variety of different food for centuries. However, be aware of all Covid-19 safety regulations before going to a public place like this.

Pumpkin carving

pumpkin 1789832 1280Don’t forget to pick up a pumpkin at the farmers market – you’ll need it for our next activity. If you want to instantly get into the autumn mood, you may try pumpkin carving. Ireland is the best when we’re talking about Halloween celebrations. It might be a bit early for Halloween, but who said you can’t start pumpkin carving already?

More apples

apple 1873078 1280You can do many things with apples – baked apples, apple cider, apple pie, and so on. If you like apples, September and October are probably the best months for you. Usually, we would go apple picking, but this year it’s a bit more uncertain with Covid-19. Some farms are open to visitors though; Ballycross apple farm is one of the places you can go with your family during the weekends to see how fresh apples are grown and produced.

Going on your own walking tour and birdwatching

swarm 2135779 1280Unfortunately, autumn walking festivals were cancelled this year due to Covid-19, but you can go on your own walking tour. Autumn is a perfect time for birdwatching, especially in Ireland with its busiest bird migration routes. The best birdwatching sites include Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, Termoncarragh Meadows and many others. You can check the official BirdWatch Ireland website to find out where to watch which bird species.

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Tourism and Travel Post-Covid in Northern Ireland

Hot drinks

coffee 2179009 1280Instead of cooling down with cold drinks, soon we’ll be trying to warm up with tea and coffee. You can go to a cafe and have a seasonal hot drink or prepare one at home. Irish coffee, hot chocolate, ginger tea, or mulled wine – there are plenty of options to choose from! For more unique recipes, check these 10 hot drinks for autumn, such as Maple Latte and Peanut Butter Nutella Hot Chocolate.

We’re all sad the summer has gone so fast, but autumn is a special time with its warm and cosy atmosphere. What are your tips to get into the autumn mood?

Kamila Mushkina
Kamila Mushkina

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