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Tami Pereira

Spanish journalist addicted to adventure. A camera, notebook, pen and an awakened mind. See the extraordinary in the common and the wealth in a vacuum. Go, cover, raise awareness.


Gratitude Journal: how to make yourself happier

By Tami Pereira / May 27, 2020

We wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have bad thoughts. Love and hatred both rule the world, but even the last one seems to be the more prevalent. When the balance tips so much on one side, the other option seems impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, starting a gratitude journal is a good beginning to restore […]


Earth Day: Positive effects of Coronavirus

By Tami Pereira / April 22, 2020

These days, it seems like only bad news is allowed. This crisis is freaking us out more than ever but, as the proverb says, every cloud has a silver lining! Humanity and the environment finally feel closer to each other after two centuries of the Industrial Revolution, solidarity is on the rise again and Planet […]


Productive Quarantine: Develop Your Hidden Talents During Lockdown

By Tami Pereira / April 11, 2020

There are two types of people during quarantine: the ones who watch Netflix all day and all night long and procrastinate and the ones that try to be productive. If you are part of the ‘productive quarantine’ group, keep reading, we have some ideas for you!   Playing an instrument Music heals. The vast majority […]


Top Instagram Livestreams during quarantine

By Tami Pereira / April 8, 2020

Bored at home? Anxious? Wishing you could be at a concert or eating at one of your favorite restaurants? No worries, good news: you live in the age of social media! And Instagram is the app for artists, right? Or at least is full of people that inspire and are inspired by any kind of […]


Heroes of the quarantine

By Tami Pereira / April 6, 2020

Although the world appears to have stopped, a lot of people continue to do their bit for society. It can be said that this situation has split the population into two: the ones that still work and those who go out on their balconies to applaud them. Jokes aside, it’s time to reflect and show […]


Coronavirus: 10 Tips for food shopping during quarantine

By Tami Pereira / March 26, 2020

Modern life is full of stress because we never stop. Now that we can stop, we are double stressed out. Going to the supermarket has become the main activity after the lockdown. Because of that, lots of people concentrate on these places damaging their health and that of others if the established norms are not […]