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Different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world

By Tami Pereira / December 8, 2020

New Year’s Eve is one of those days when we realise how lucky we are to live in such a multicultural world. From eating 12 grapes at midnight with every clock stroke, to burning scarecrows, to having fun with family and friends at the beach. Keep reading and start planning which countries celebrating you would […]


Corin Culleton, a young Irish artist during a pandemic

By Tami Pereira / December 2, 2020

Is being a young artist an issue nowadays? Is it even worse during a pandemic? Today, we talked with Corin James Culleton, a 20 year old Dublin-based artist whose main enjoyments in life are painting, acting and music. He also loves soccer, movies, playing the guitar and singing. Keep reading to know more about this […]


Craig Cooney and Rowlette team up for honest holiday song, “December”

By Tami Pereira / November 27, 2020

This holiday season, rising Irish artists Craig Cooney & Rowlette are spreading the festive spirit with their new track “December”. Released an exact month before Christmas Day, the track is a heartfelt, uplifting fusion of hip-hop and pop. It reflects on the past year and the ups and downs it’s brought. What’s more, Rowlette’s smooth, […]


Why is Celtic Animism important now more than ever?

By Tami Pereira / November 24, 2020

The ancient Celts were animists. They honoured the forces of nature, believing that any animals, plants and inert beings possessed a spiritual essence. For them, every mountain, river, spring, marsh, tree, and rocky outcrop was in-spirited. Nowadays, some people still adore nature as a way to survive in the modern times.  While the polytheistic cultures […]


Irish band Omonoko releases addictive single “Weight in Gold”

By Tami Pereira / November 23, 2020

Omonoko is an Irish four-piece band which can’t be tied to one specific genre. From indie to electro to rock, the Newry-based group was formed a little over 3 years ago when all the members were living in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, that was no problem at all for the artists to manage, […]


Pastiche Releases Explosive Debut Single, “Chasing Down the Fame”

By Tami Pereira / November 20, 2020

New Friday, new music. Today, the Dublin-based singer and songwriter Pastiche has just released her debut single, ‘Chasing Down the Fame’. The track is an explosive electro-pop song and features driving synths, energetic drums, and powerful vocals from the musician. Wanna know more about it? Jade Roche is only 22 years old and her musicality […]


Something On My Mind, the new single of Irish musician Dunluvly

By Tami Pereira / November 3, 2020

Dunluvly is probably one of the best emerging Irish artists of the moment. After releasing Too Late, he’s back. Something On My Mind is the second release off of Dunluvly’s upcoming EP, “Plethora” and it is so catchy that even your relatives or roommates will want to listen to it just so you shut your […]

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