6 Reasons to consider Ireland as a study destination

Ireland, also known as “The Emerald Isle”, is a striking island with spectacular scenery, splendid coasts, and scenic drives. Ireland is also popular for its ancient culture displayed through art galleries, food culture, and tranquil pubs with live music.

But alongside its cultural attractions, Ireland has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for international students to pursue their higher studies. It has become an ideal location to study, with its globally connected universities with high quality education.

Selecting the right country and university for higher studies is a significant milestone in a student’s life. Generally, a student wishes to pursue their education where a country offers them good career opportunities and global exposure.

For foreign students, a variety of countries offer impressive university programs and career opportunities. However, one must choose a country that is the best fit according to their preferred field.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider Ireland as your study destination

1. Top universities

Ireland has become an international education hub and is home to top universities, highly ranked for their educational excellence. The Irish standard of third level education is among the world’s best, with its focus on research and global collaboration. Furthermore, the training and skills that students learn meet international standards, which makes Ireland a desirable place to pursue higher education. Due to its international reputation, Ireland attracts a large number of students from all over the world to study, which also adds to its value.

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2. One year course  

Ireland is famous for its world class educational institutions, which are well established for high quality, project-driven research. It has an extensive range of one year study programmes for all fields – the sciences, finance, accounting, business, psychology, and so on. The courses are designed in such a way that they are equivalent to a two year program. Another benefit of one year courses is that they save time and are often seen as having the same value as a two years course.

3. Scholarships 

Ireland provides generous scholarships to international students. Furthermore, quite a few universities offer full or partial scholarships on different study programs. The scholarships are awarded based on excellence in academics, and sports and other extracurricular activities.

4. English speaking 

Despite the fact that Irish is regarded as the official language of Ireland, the majority of people in Ireland speak English as their first language. This is a great relief for all the international students who wish to study here as they don’t need to learn a new language. 

5. IT Hub – Home to big international businesses

Ireland is home to over 1000 leading international businesses such as Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, Microsoft, HP, IBM and many more. Many IT companies have established their European headquarters in Ireland. These companies provide great employment and work opportunities for international students looking to grow their career. The political scenario created by Brexit has opened many avenues for multinational companies to consider Ireland as their choice when looking to expand  in the European market.

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6. Post study visas 

Another major benefit of studying in Ireland is the availability of post study work visas. Usually, a two year full time work permit is provided to international students in Ireland who study at level 9 or above (postgraduate level). This makes it easier for students to search for job opportunities after graduation. Once students have found employment in Ireland, they are also eligible to apply for a green card permit, if they hope to gain residency status in Ireland.

Ireland’s enduring and earned reputation for high quality education forms a concrete foundation for this country’s commitment to excellence. Currently they have one of the best education systems and an international reputation for academic achievement. Furthermore, Ireland has a welcoming and friendly work culture, with equal opportunities for international students. From eminent and assured education to a welcoming culture, Ireland provides a well-rounded experience for international students to study and work.

Priyal Vadgama
Priyal Vadgama


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