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Top 10 Indian restaurants in Dublin

By Priyal Vadgama / April 22, 2021

When travelling overseas, it can be quite a challenge to adapt to the local cuisines. Nonetheless, if you are planning to visit the Emerald Isle, then you don’t need to worry, as there are many Indian restaurants which serve delicious authentic food. Due to Covid, there will be dine-in restrictions, although you can always order […]


6 Reasons to consider Ireland as a study destination

By Priyal Vadgama / April 6, 2021

Ireland, also known as “The Emerald Isle”, is a striking island with spectacular scenery, splendid coasts, and scenic drives. Ireland is also popular for its ancient culture displayed through art galleries, food culture, and tranquil pubs with live music. But alongside its cultural attractions, Ireland has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for international […]


8 Things to carry if you are moving to Ireland from India

By Priyal Vadgama / January 21, 2021

Are you moving to Ireland from India?  If you are, I’m sure you’ll be wondering which things to carry from India. Don’t worry, I have you covered.  Moving away from your home country, your comfort zone, is always a big step and takes courage! There are certain things I wish I knew before coming to […]