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PPS number: all you need to know about it

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 26, 2020

Probably one of the first things people keep on repeating once you’ve set foot in Ireland is to have a PPS number. It is indeed one of the basic requirements the Irish government will ask you whether you’re looking for a job or looking to benefit from any number of government initiatives. It can be […]


Foreign qualification recognition in Ireland: A guide

By Peter Dlhopolec / February 25, 2020

It is important to keep in mind that foreign qualification recognition in Ireland comes in two distinct types: academic and professional.    Foreigners who are planning to start working or studying here may be required to go through foreign qualification recognition in Ireland by one of several competent authorities that can validate their qualifications. Rules may […]


Tax residence and domicile in Ireland: a guide

By Emma Grove / February 19, 2020

We’ve made a guide to Income tax in Ireland but who is liable for paying tax in Ireland? What are residence and domicile in Ireland? and how do they relate to taxes? And how does your tax situation change when you’re moving to or from Ireland? If these questions have been burning in your mind, […]


What types of work permits can non-EEA nationals apply for?

By Peter Dlhopolec / February 14, 2020

Moving to Ireland from outside the EU with a view to obtaining work? Here is an overview of the nine work permit types granted in Ireland.  The whole process of getting a job in Ireland is a more difficult and a costlier task for people coming to Ireland from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) […]


What does the labour market needs test mean in daily life?

By Peter Dlhopolec / February 11, 2020

The labour market needs test requires employers to have some of their vacancies published for weeks.  Preventing Ireland’s labour market from being flooded with non-EEA nationals, the Irish government has reintroduced a test to survey if the labour market really needs a non-EEA national for some of the advertised vacancies. Today, each employer who is […]


How to apply for an Irish Visa and the Stamp System

By Jacqueline Russe / February 5, 2020

Visas can be quite a complex topic, no matter what country. So, how do you apply for an Irish visa, who needs them and what can you do or not do if you have one? Obtaining an Irish visa can be quite a complicated process, depending on where you come from and what kind of […]


Ireland’s Third Level Graduate Scheme

By Eli Romary / January 28, 2020

Ireland is an ideal place to live, work, and study. Ireland is home to many high quality institutions that also offer plenty of opportunities for international students. One of these opportunities is Ireland’s Third Level Graduate Scheme, available to non EEA/EU students who obtain a degree from a higher education institution in Ireland. What is […]


A group of Georgians and Albanians deported from Ireland

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 5, 2019

Ireland has deported 23 Georgian and Albanian nationals. The Department of Justice and Equality said it deported 23 people from Ireland on December 4 in cooperation with Belgium, Iceland, and the EU Border and Coast Guard Agency known as Frontex. A group of 23 people, of which 19 were men, came from Georgia and Albania. […]


Free English classes in Dublin

By Mia Kim / November 5, 2019

Free English Classes in Dublin Have you just moved to Ireland and are looking for a job? Are you worried about the English class cost? Don’t worry! There are always many different ways to learn English in Ireland. Here is our article about English learning classes that are free or low cost, ran by volunteers […]