A Stone in Your Shoe

Notes From Gamze

A Stone in Your Shoe

You walk the road just like any other day, unaware of the things that await to happen; suddenly a tiny, sneaky little rock finds itself a place between your toes. It seems harmless at first; but gives you a discomfort as you continue to walk with it. It gives you a slight pain just because you keep walking with it. Can this stubborn tiny rock that you won’t even bother to get out, turn you into a different self?

Yes, it can.

It can even cause you to show expressions that could be described as unnatural compared to your everyday reactions. You may not be able to recognize yourself anymore.

Sometimes we come across people or events that can be considered as our “tiny stubborn rock”. We may be aware of the discomfort they inflict upon us, but have difficulties with defining it. We may not be able to take action because of this inability to define the situation. Sometimes these rocks can even make us question ourselves. The best course of action is to believe in yourself and your feelings. When you’re in doubt, eliminate it. Take action before your feet start to hurt as you keep walking. Cast it aside, as far as your concern “rocks” are the ones you leave behind. Don’t let it describe yourself as someone you’re not. Do not delay, face it and send it away!


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Gamze Yarsi

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