A taste of home: The best Asian markets in Dublin

 Chinese New Year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than authentic Chinese ingredients from some of Dublin’s best asian markets!

Chinese New Year is in a few short weeks and what better way to prepare than checking out some of the Best Asian markets in Dublin. Fresh fish, spring rolls, rice balls, extra long noodles and more, Dublin’s asian markets have everything you need for a prosperous Chinese New Year. To help you start on your culinary adventure, Babylon radio has curated a list of five of Dublin’s most well-loved asian markets that will leave you and your guests happy and satisfied. Without further ado, the best asian restaurants in Dublin. 

Asia Market

Established in 1981 by the Pau family, Asia Market was born out of a lack of authentic asian ingredients in Dublin during a period of rapid growth in Dublin’s asian community. Fast forward to today and Asia Market has become the forefront supplier of authentic asian ingredients in Ireland. What’s more, Asia market is still a family run business slowly being taken over by the second generation of the Pau family. Walk into the Drury street establishment and you’ll see a hot counter stocked with bao, rice balls and other asian snacks. A little further down the corridor and you’ll see the space open up into a fully stocked market equipped with fresh produce like pak choi, beech mushrooms, tamarind and more. The isles are stocked to the brim with a variety of noodles, stir fry sauces, curry pastes, rice snacks, teas and more. If you’re ever in doubt on what to buy the welcoming staff members are happy and ready to help. In celebration of Chinese New Year, Asia Market are hosting a ‘food extravaganza’ February 1st and 2nd with food stands from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and much more. For more details click here.

  • Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 10am-7pm; Thurs: 10am-8pm; Fri-Sun: 10am-7pm

Super Asia Food

Don’t let the unassuming front entrance fool you. Super Asia food is packed to the brim with fresh produce, Chinese curry pastes, an enviable selection of noodles, and much more. The Seafood section alone is the envy of any supermarket, boasting fresh prawns, oysters, mussels, crab and fresh lobster at a very reasonable price. The variety of both fresh and packaged ingredients has made Super Asia Foods a staple amongst Northside shoppers, particularly because it is one of the most cost-effective asian markets in Dublin with tofu going for €2.50/1kg. Additionally, Super Asia Foods offer a 10% student discount making healthy fresh living much more affordable for those studying in and around Dublin. There is a card minimum here of €5 so be sure to have your shopping list handy! Bonus: there’s a lovely restaurant inside serving fresh hot meals throughout the day, perfect for those of us who get peckish during our shopping excursions. It’s no wonder why Super Asia food is one of the best asian markets in Dublin!

Golden Beach Supermarket

We’ve all been there, it’s 11pm on a Wednesday, got home from pints late and there’s no food in the house. You could go down to the chipper but that’s effort and expensive in this city. That’s where Golden Beach Supermarket comes in! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this fully stocked asian market carries all the ingredients for a delicious and healthy meal that will leave you and your wallet happy. With one of the largest dried noodle sections in the city, perfect to celebrate the longevity of the new year! They also offer an array of fresh produce, seafood, drinks and snacks perfect for your Chinese New Year Party. Bonus: They also have a small restaurant inside offering one off the best meal deals in Dublin: Three different dishes, rice, and a canned drink all for €6. It’s no wonder why Golden Beach Supermarket has so many loyal customers. 

Oriental Pantry

As we mentioned in our Dublin international food markets article, Oriental Pantry, opened in 2014 by Mr. Xiaoyu Chen, is a city-wide favourite for sourcing world foods. With a wide variety of produce, including exotic fruits, vegetables and spices, Oriental Pantry is the perfect place to stock up on all your Chinese New Year essentials. The welcoming and knowledgeable staff are eager to help out with any questions or queries you might have concerning their products. They pride themselves on having one of the best selections of fresh and pantry foods and they don’t mind giving you a tour of all they have to offer. Patrons rave about the fresh seafood – a symbol of prosperity for the new year. Bonus: Oriental pantry stocks tonnes of Mauritian cuisine staples which are difficult to come by around Dublin. So, whether you’re gearing up for a new years party, or simply trying to find a taste of home, the friendly members of the Oriental Pantry team are more than willing to help guide you on a culinary journey. Check them out at the historic Dublin Fruit and Vegetable Market near Smithfield January 25th-26th. 

Oriental Emporium

Just behind the ILAC Centre, lies the Oriental Emporium: a market dedicated to providing you with the best quality ingredients for all eastern Cuisines. It was established in 1991 as a family business – a period where Dublin only had a handful of ethnic grocers around the city. Today, Oriental Emporium is known across Dublin for its high quality butchers and fishmongers that stock a vast variety of locally sourced seafood and meat. With two locations, one in Dublin North and one in Lower Rathmines, Oriental  Emporium has everything you need to stock your cupboards for your Chinese New Year Party. Patrons are especially thankful for Oriental Emporium’s variety of cupboard items such as fish balls and cakes, pandan leaves, pork bones, and belachan. If you’re ever in doubt of where to find your favourite grocery items from home, check out Oriental Emporium — one of the best asian markets in Dublin. If they don’t stock it, then the accommodating and knowledgeable staff will be able to point you in the right direction. Visit their facebook page here to have a wee nosey!

There you have it! From fresh produce and seafood to any noodles imaginable, Dublin’s asian market will have you prepped and ready for your Chinese New Year celebration! Have a favourite Asian Market we forgot to mention? Comment it below!

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