Always follow your dreams

From the day we are born, we are put into a system in order to follow the rules constructed by the society and culture we live in. Nowadays, society puts pressure on us to go to school and find a job.

The short movie “Alike” created by animators Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez, which is an award-winning Pixar, depicts the way we live in an everlasting circle of work, where the expression  of creativity is limited. In addition to that, the movie shows how parents, being obsessed by a “be successful” system, destroy the dreams of their children as well as plan their lives without taking into account what the children really want to do in their lives. However, the film does not only depictures the negative side of society, the artists also portrays the beautiful bond between father and son. Not only children can learn from their parents’ experience, but also the parents can learn something from their children.

Graydon Carter, a Canadian journalist commented on the video that “it’s a rare moment when we take a break from the tribulations of the daily rat race to reflect on assumptions and values that we casually accept as gospel.”

A powerful and meaningful animated film, which, despite its simplicity, is very thought-provoking.


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