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A run for a smile: Annual Aware Christmas Run

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 6, 2019

The great Christmas charity event is set to kick off again in Dublin. Get your trainers on and participate in the annual Aware Christmas run, raising funds for mental health in Ireland.  Overcoming Thanksgiving could be done with a smile. Christmas and New Year’s are when most everyone seems to ooze good cheer and merriment. […]


Christmas Eve traditions around the world

By Leora Mansoor / December 6, 2019

Not sure what to do this Christmas Eve? This list of Christmas Eve traditions from around the world may help bring something new to your yuletide celebrations this year. Of course, every family has their own Christmas Eve traditions that are unique to them, especially in the multicultural world we live in nowadays. It is […]


Ireland must do more to tackle racism and hate crime

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 4, 2019

Travellers, Roma, and people of African decent in Ireland face racism and hate crime most often. Ireland is not doing enough to bury racism and hate crime faced by minorities within its legal and institutional framework, the United Nations (UN) said after reviewing the latest report by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) […]


Last Polar Express stop: Christmas Markets in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / November 30, 2019

Have a look at this list featuring the most iconic and meticulously picked Christmas Markets in Ireland. Ready to jump on the most “holly-jolly” train journey around Ireland?  With so many heartfelt traditions, today’s sweetest moments look slightly different for all of us, but sweet they are indeed. Who hasn’t started dreaming of snow, drinking […]


Historical photos of Ireland: an unseen glimpse of the 1950s

By Leora Mansoor / November 29, 2019

Ireland in Focus: Photographing the 1950s is a photography exhibition currently on at the Collins Barracks showing historical photos of Ireland, including never seen before photos from Henri Cartier-Bresson. On the 20th of November, 2019 the National Museum of Ireland opened its doors to an excited press and specially selected guests who crowded in to […]