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Neo Morake – on the way up

By Heidi / July 8, 2019

It was a Wednesday night when I unsuspectingly showed up at The Mezz in Temple Bar. There he was – on his own on that little stage – dimly lit but with a bright blithe smile. It was just him and his guitar, creating a magnetic atmosphere. After about half a song I had made […]


World Blood Donor Day

By Heidi / June 14, 2019

Every year millions of blood and blood product transfusions are needed to save lives. Every few seconds there are people in need of blood because of trauma, surgery, childbirth complications or anaemia due to different causes. Safe blood is needed, a lot more often than you might think. Today is ‘World Blood Donor Day’ or […]


Top 3 events for June 5th

By Heidi / June 5, 2019

We’re halfway through the week again and dying for a little break. Today as well, we found some special events for you. Here it comes… Call it out – a queer perspective The initiative ‘Call it out’ was formed by the Hate and Hostility Research Group (HHRG) at the University of Limerick and the Transgender […]


Top 3 events for May 29th

By Heidi / May 29, 2019

It’s midweek and I’m sure you could do with a couple of hours to unwind. If you can’t think of anything to do, don’t worry, we got you. Cotton Fingers The National Theatre Wales is on tour with ‘Cotton Fingers’ by playwright Rachel Trezise. One of their stops is the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin. […]


How to find a room in Dublin

By Heidi / May 14, 2019

Finding a room to rent long-term in Dublin can be a tough one. Overall the housing situation here has come to a head. Dublin has made it into the top 5 most expensive cities in Europe to rent. ‘The silicon valley of Europe’ I hear people say, which might not even be that far off considering […]