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Irish Internships and Volunteering during Covid

By Liam Grugan / July 29, 2020

For many students and recent graduates, finding Irish internships and volunteering during Covid has proven to be a formidable task. With impending budget cuts in businesses big and small, the standard sources for summer gigs have all but dried up. On top of this, volunteering, specifically in-person opportunities, faced a four month setback, eliminating the […]


International Students: Socialising in the Era of Covid

By Liam Grugan / July 24, 2020

Early September nightlife in Dublin is typically marked by riotous crowds of first-years struggling to get through club doors. In the era of Covid, however, “Freshers Week” and other pivotal social events will be forced to adapt. Gone are the days of packed dance floors and “get to know you” parties. Gone, too, are the […]


International Students: Tips for Settling into Your Accommodation

By Liam Grugan / July 23, 2020

Living alone for the first time can be disorienting regardless of location. For the many international applicants who choose to study in Dublin, however, the task can seem downright daunting. Whether moving to the city for the first time or coming back for the fourth time, here are a few tips for to make settling […]