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DART Services Between Bray and Greystones canceled following Fire

By Michelle Li / July 13, 2018

The Dart line between Bray and Greystones in Wicklow County were closed on Friday following a fire on Bray Head. The Wicklow Fire Department said the fire broke out in front of a tent and “spreaded along a steep ground at a steep location around 1 am.” The fire is now under control – but […]


Top 3 for Friday tonight! 13th July!

By Michelle Li / July 13, 2018

Funny AF Comedy Enjoy this comedy show with Chris Kent, Gar Murran and Damian Clarke! Tickets available here Two shows, on Friday July 13th and Saturday July 14th, 7pm-11pm The Laughter Lounge Dublin, 4 Eden Quay, O’Connell Bridge Greg Clifford Live Would like to enjoy great music tonight? Would like to meet up your friend […]


The Rain hit Ireland, don’t expect The Heatwave to end

By Michelle Li / July 11, 2018

In the absence of heavy rain for nearly three weeks, parts of the country are experiencing showers on Wednesday. Met Éireann said it expects showers in the next few days, but dry and warm weather will continue. This week’s yellow drought warning state continued until Friday, and the drought situation in the region was “alleviated” […]


Dependence on Gas could prevent Ireland From meeting Global Warming Targets

By Michelle Li / July 10, 2018

A study by the American Oil Change International  (OCI) shows that Ireland will not meet its obligations on countering global warming if it continues a flawed strategy of relying on gas as an energy source. Leading energy NGOs have concluded that drilling more new natural gas fossil fuels and expanding related infrastructure in Irish waters, […]


Two-fifths of Irish Jobs are threatened by Robots

By Michelle Li / July 9, 2018

Due to the increased level of automation, two out of every five jobs in Ireland will disappear or undergo major changes in the next 20 years. Robots, IT and artificial intelligence are constantly entering the workplace, leaving only a select range of work with low acceptance risk. The think tanks say that automation is more […]


Ireland is in “Absolute Drought” With Temperatures Reaching 28°C

By Michelle Li / July 5, 2018

The majority of the country today officially entered the “absolute drought” state. In the past two weeks, 24 of the 25 weather stations did not have rainfall recorded. Starting at 8 am on Friday, a hosepipe will be banned throughout the country. The Irish Water Company warned that the ban may last at least until […]


Google Confirms Private Gmail Emails Can be read by Third-party Developers

By Michelle Li / July 4, 2018

Google has confirmed that anyone who associates a third-party application with their account may, without knowingly allowed third-party developers to read their private email. US reports raise some questions about the data levels that are accessible and how people are aware that they agree to share private emails. Gmail, which has 1.4 billion users, is […]


Irish Health and Wellness Company Announces 100 New Jobs in Dublin

By Michelle Li / July 3, 2018

The Irish company Spectrum Wellness, a corporate health and wellness provider, will create 100 jobs in Dublin as part of a new €4 million investment. The provider said the roles will be in the areas of account management, marketing, operations, product development and mental health case management. Stephen Costello, co-founder and managing director of Spectrum […]

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