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Balor and his evil eye

By Unnimaya Chakrapani / July 20, 2021

“Balor and his Evil Eye” is one of the most famous Irish mythological stories that children are told. Who is Balor? And what is his evil eye? How did Balor get an evil eye? Before learning about Balor and his evil eye, you need to know about the group of people who lived in the […]


Famous Irish Mythological Stories

By Unnimaya Chakrapani / July 8, 2021

Irish mythology stories, sometimes known as Celtic mythology, is a group of sacred beliefs that people in the pre-Christian era relied on when they did not have an answer to natural phenomena. To clarify, when it rained heavily, causing thunderstorms, people believed it to be the wrath of Taranis (god of thunder). Legends about the […]


How to rent a car in Ireland

By Unnimaya Chakrapani / July 5, 2021

Summer in Ireland is something that everyone is excited about. Escaping the cold and unpredictable climate to go for a nice beach ride with family and friends is anticipated year-long. For most of us, buying a car is not a piece of cake. You can always think of how to rent a car in Ireland. […]


Adopting a pet in Ireland

By Unnimaya Chakrapani / June 25, 2021

Fostering Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Not just the extra expenses, but your time, your routine, everything is going to change. Therefore, it is necessary to plan each and every step with all the members in your home and come to a decision. There are many other ways to get a pet apart from […]