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Have you ever thought about playing in an escape room? Do you consider yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes? Or maybe The Riddler, from Gotham City? If you just like having fun while pushing your brain to the limit, this is for you: a shortlist of best offline Irish escape rooms.

Lockdown has made ourselves the most bored we could ever imagine. However, trying new hobbies has been the main antivirus to battle it and creating new aims, our lifeguards. Also, video calls have helped a lot. Don’t tell me you haven’t played some random games online with a friend! 

As a consequence, virtual escape rooms have become popular. On the other hand, most people in Ireland prefer to experience this game in person. The truth is that escape rooms were born with the idea of getting locked in a room, close to your friends, experiencing it together. Can you imagine yourself feeling the adrenaline of following the hints of a murder or having to repair the damaged systems of a space station only from your bedroom? Maybe, it wouldn’t feel as real. Anyway, both of them are equal parts fun.

And although Covid-19 closed some escape rooms for now, here is a list of the best Irish ones. Have a look and a book! Only if you dare…

Incognito Escape Room


This one, based in Dublin, is one of the most successful ones or that’s what the 5 stars say in Tripadvisor. In this escape room, you can choose one of three different rooms, with three different games. However, in all of them, you will find the opportunity to test your concentration and problem solving while having great fun. What’s more, the staff are lovely and the decoration could not fit better!

  • In Game of stones you must find a hidden egg to save 7 kingdoms. Once the future dragon grows up, it will be an important piece of battle for the army of undead. Because of this, your aim is to stay tuned and collect all the information you need to find the egg surrounded by riddles, puzzles and an amazing and detailed themed room.

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  • Baker Street Mystery is themed on the Victorian Era and Sherlock Holmes. In this one, you’ll need to pick up on the subtlest of clues to identify the members of the Baker Street Five and solve a murder mystery. Will you able to do it in less than an hour?

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  • In The Cabin in the Woods, you are immersed in the countdown of your death. You’re stuck with your friends in a cabin in the woods and ‘The Revolutionary’, a serial killer, will come soon to murder unless you find the way to escape. Good luck!

cabin in the woods

Incognito Escape Rooms Prices: 2 players: €35 per person. 3 players: €30 per person. 4 players: €25 per person. 5 players: €22 per person. 6+: € 20per person.

Duration: Up to 60mins

Address: 4 Bridgefoot St, Usher’s Quay, Dublin

Browse availability and have a look to their Instagram for more information. Also, remember Dublin is in Level 3. Hopefully, Incognito will open again by October 10th though. For more room escape games in Dublin click here.

Great Escape Rooms

great escape

Based in Galway, this company is known for something very special: they have Ireland’s first and only mobile escape room. Also, Galway’s first Virtual Reality Escape Room. Already excited? Keep reading to learn more about it!

Apart from those 2 original rooms, there are three more to get locked at: a hospital, an Irish pub and a possible robbery.

Ready to be the hero of your own action movie? Your old partner in crime has just been released from prison. He wants you to join in a new robbery and your thoughts about it are very solid: €50,000 in diamonds and cash, nice and easy. Get immersed in this holdup and try to do it in less than 60 minutes! 

the vault

Level of difficulty: Medium – Difficult

Suitability: Suitable for all ages, 12 years and older

This is the most challenging one of them all. It is designed to test your intelligence and creativity in many, many ways. While hiking through the woods, your friends and you discover a deserted building in the wilderness. You realise something wrong is going inside and suddenly, the door closes, leaving all you trapped inside. Will you be able to get out of it in less than an hour?

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Number of players: 2-10

Suitability: Suitable for 15 years and older

If you are a beer lover you will probably fit with this room. Get out of the box and use your wits and intelligence to find secrets, hints and even ingredients to complete it. Your aim? Finding the secret recipe left behind by the eccentric Brendan Barney. Your time? Less than 60 minutes.


Number of players: 2-10

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Suitability: Excellent choice if this is your first escape room, if you are a family or if you think you can escape without asking for any clues.

Great Escape Rooms Galway Prices: Groups of 2: €25 per person/per room. Groups of 3-4: €20 pp/pr. Groups of 5-6: €19 pp/pr. Groups of 7-10: €17 pp/pr.

If you haven’t had enough with these escape rooms, Great Escape Rooms have two more options for you. 

  • Mobile Escape Room

Have you ever thought about doing an escape room locked in a bus in movement? It may sound as part of a fiction movie but guess what, it is a reality now. You and your team will be trapped on a bus with only 45 minutes to disarm the bomb and escape. Will you be fast enough?

Also, you can hire it out for half day or full day, perfect for parties, festivals, corporate events or even a wedding! What’s more, delivery to your door is possible adding €12,50 per person in your book.

And if that was not enough, this Galway company has one more surprise for you: VR rooms

Immerse yourself in one of these two games while exploring new worlds and breaking through the limits.

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The game takes place on a space station and an extraterrestrial entity has assumed control. So, you have to repair all the damaged systems, solve difficult puzzles and unravel the mystery of what has happened. You will experience gravity zero and shoot lasers with your own hands!

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]idA8scM6TEs[/wpdevart_youtube]

The Silentman is a psychopath kidnapping children. He is in a coma and there’s a kid closed in some hideaway. You have the mission to get inside his mind and save the children. For that, you will solve puzzles, shoot fireballs, swim in the abyss and much more!

Number of Players: 3-6 

Duration: Up to 60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty: Medium

VR Room Prices: Groups of 3-4: €20 pp/pr. Groups of 5-6: €19 pp/pr.

Great Escape Rooms Galway Address: 27 Abbeygate Street Upper, Galway, H91 TN66

Escape Killarney


The Kerry’s top-rated escape room venue for groups of 2 to 12 people is in the heart of Killarney Town Centre. With ‘Concentration, collaboration and communication’ as mottos, this place has 2 games to offer you and the best price-quality (only €18 per person). Have a look and try something new in these strange times!

This room is ideal for beginners and experienced escapers alike. Once you get inside you will get back to the past: it is 1977 and you are in the Black Valley. This place has just become the last one in Ireland to be connected to the National Electrical grid. However, some of its inhabitants are still a little disconnected from normality…


Recommended players: From 2 to 6.

The Irish equivalent of 007 has been kidnapped. You must locate his weapon to secure his safe release by interpreting and decoding the various cryptic messages he has left in his office. Ready to become a cool Agent?


Recommended players: From 3 to 6.

Escape Killarney Address: 26 Bohereencael Glebe, Killarney, Co Kerry

Escape Rooms Ennis

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If you are thinking about visiting The Cliffs of Moher, try another new thing. Once you experience this escape room in Ennis, you will go back again. This games company is known for being one of the most enjoyable of them all! Three indoor rooms and one outdoor are available. 

  • The Banshee’s Curse

There’s a house in the woods and a curse inside it. Every generation of O’Briens has suffered a sudden and unexpected death in that cottage, always in a stormy night. Besides, locals report hearing the wailing of a woman in the wind. Mary O’Brien has begged you to come…Can you find a way to break the Banshee’s Curse before she strikes again?


  • Under Siege

You have heard rumors that Brian Boru is planning to attack the Vikings to gain full control of Limerick. You and your friends have stealthily crept into Brian Boru’s tower and found his war room. You discover evidence that he plans to attack your people in exactly one hour. You need to get back to your people, get onto your ship, and set sail before you are defeated by Brian Boru’s Army!


  • The Beach Bar

Probably the most popular of them all. How many times have you dreamed about that dream job? You are on holiday and your future boss calls you to offer it, finally! Because of that, you celebrate a little too much with a cocktail at the beach but, guess what. You can’t find your passport and you’re going to miss your return flight and the job of your dreams! Can you find it in less than an hour?


Indoor Escape Rooms Ennis Prices: 2 people: €25pp. 3 people: €24pp. 4 people: €22pp. 5 people: €20. 6 people: €19pp.

  • GettaClue Outdoors

This is a competitive game! Grab some friends or family members and split into two teams. The two teams head off outside to follow clues and solve puzzles. The first team to solve everything, get back to base and open the final box wins! For only €10 per person, you will have such a fun time. 


Escape Rooms Ennis Address: Unit 7, Block B, Quin  Road Business Park, Ennis, Co. Clare V95 E161 (they share an entrance with Banner Martial Arts & Fitness).

So? Did you already talk to your family and friends about these escape rooms? Honestly, there’s no better plan during Covid-19 times. Any other rooms we should go for a visit? Recommend us your favourite escape rooms in the comments below, Instagram or Facebook

Have a lovely weekend!

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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