The body positive influencers you should be following

The body positive movement is one of the best things to infiltrate social media over the last couple of years, and it is doing a great job of showing that all body types, races and ethnicities are beautiful. And even though apps like Instagram and TikTok continue to contain diet ads and influencers promoting dubious “skinny teas”, there’s also now a huge amount of users promoting real, normal bodies – including things like stretch marks, stomach rolls, acne, and strong muscles. Here’s some great influencers to follow if you’re looking for some realistic fashion inspo, makeup ideas or just a fun person’s stories to watch.

Freya Broni

Freya Broni is one of Ireland’s leading up and coming style influencers. The Dublin-based bombshell is flying the flag for women who want to dress their curves in the latest trends, while embodying an LA-glam aesthetic. She started blogging 6 years ago and is known for her clothing hauls and styling stories. She’s always on her social media platforms letting you know where to find the latest bargains and trends. You can find Freya on Instagram and TikTok with her username @freyabroni.


MidSizeGal, or Abi, is a UK based fashion blogger and vlogger. She’s a size 12 and her Instagram feed is always full of funky fashion inspo. She encapsulates the latest colourful “Pinterest”, “TikTok” style we’ve seen around lately – patterned flairs, cute cardigans, little handbags. It’s great to see a current trend on an average sized girl, instead of some of the thinner petite women that show it off on Pinterest. Abi has an Instagram, TikTok and Youtube channel.

Raw Beauty Kristy

Kristi is a US based YouTuber, known predominantly for her makeup content. She created her channel in 2012 to share her honest and raw opinions. She’s also a professional MUA, and has a huge amount of useful and interesting information and tutorials on her channel. She’s known for being real, and showing the reality behind makeup, as well as how makeup actually performs and what it looks like behind expensive lighting and cameras.

Megan Rose Lane

London-based beauty blogger Megan shares personal accounts of her journey into motherhood, including how she has struggled with her new body image post-pregnancy. Megan isn’t afraid to show the real, raw and unedited side of social media, causing her to build a genuine fanbase of mothers, teenagers and young girls alike. Using her Instagram feed to share makeup-free selfies and photos depicting the everyday realities of life, Megan is an advocate for body positivity and mental wellbeing. Not only does Megan offer a candid insider view, she also runs workshops designed to empower women through her account @shegrowsevents.

Tania Jane

Disabled lifestyle blogger Tania uses her Instagram account WhenTaniaTalks to show her followers that you do not need to be limited by your disability. Her posts show her journey through motherhood and aim to inspire and challenge stereotypes – and they definitely do that! Tania also includes an image description under each post so that her Instagram page is accessible for the visually impaired.

Emma’s Rectangle

Emma is a British YouTuber who found popularity on YouTube with her makeup tutorials inspired by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lucy Hale and Angelina Jolie. Her tutorials, as well as hauls and unboxings, have brought over 200,000 subscribers to her channel, Emma’s Rectangle. In the last year or so, her channel has shifted more to vlogs and fitness/health content, following a huge weight loss transformation. However, Emma maintains her body positive attitude and normalises unspoken aspects of weight loss, such as loose skin, fluctuating body image, and stretch marks from previous weight gain.

Erica Carter
Erica Carter

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