Brexit White Paper: end of freedom of movement?

Two years ago British citizens voted for Brexit, and Theresa May is determined to deliver it without compromises by the end of March 2019.
The British Parliament has welcomed this Thursday the publication of the White Paper on Brexit in London, which aims to regulate the future UK-EU relationship, and it is going to be analysed in collaboration with Great Britain’s EU lead negotiator Michel Barnier, his team and EU partners, in order to engage together “at pace”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals in the Future Framework include a new governing body of ministers, a new system for financial services, a new fare trade area, continuing cooperation with EU on energy, transport and financial aid to EU agencies according to “common rule books”, but what takes the attention of young people at first are the “mobility” rules.
This means that EU citizens will be able to travel to UK without visas only for holiday or temporary work.

Theresa May also posted on Facebook (firstly appeared in The Sun on 12th July 2018):

“First, it will mean a genuine end to freedom of movement.
No longer will people be allowed to arrive here from across Europe on the off-chance that they might find a job.
We will always welcome the skilled professionals who help our country thrive, from doctors and nurses to engineers and entrepreneurs but for the first time in decades, we will have full control of our borders.
And it will be the UK, not Brussels, that decides who should be allowed to live and work here.”

On the other side, EU counterparts are suggesting a combination of EEA membership with continued membership of the customs union. This would mean, according to the Prime Minister’s words, “not Brexit at all”, no control over immigration, no freedom to strike UK’s own trade deals and continued duty of vast annual payments to Brussels.
Theresa May stated she would have respected the willing of the British people by delivering “our Brexit deal for Britain”.

Valeria Massante
Valeria Massante

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