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“Martello Towers in Ireland” PART I : James Joyce Tower and Museum

By Shrinwanti Mistri / June 12, 2020

While being immersed in the pages of the masterpiece, Ulysses by James Joyce, or while exploring the coastal beauty of Ireland, a couple of antique structures might grab your attention. These antique beauties are known as the ‘Martello Towers’. But, have you ever wondered about the rich history and the cultural significance of these historical […]


Ireland’s TOP 10 castles: Dublin Castle

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 23, 2020

Bram Stoker used to work at Dublin Castle.   Dublin Castle, which is a major government complex and one of the city’s most visited sights today, was in the British hands until the early 20th century. Before today’s structure was erected, there had been a “Duibhlinn” fortress built by the Norsemen on a hill near […]


Ireland’s TOP 10 castles: Cahir Castle

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 10, 2020

The Tudors and Excalibur were filmed at the castle. Cahir Castle is one of the best-preserved Irish fortresses. It oversees a small town with its park, which seems to be larger than this municipality in fact. The castle lies on a river island, and it is the River Suir that runs across the town of […]


Ireland’s TOP 10 castles: Athlone Castle

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 8, 2020

Athlone Castle, King John’s Castle, and Adamson Castle represent the same fort. Athlone Castle should be demolished because it is a symbol of the British oppression and a new civic centre for Athlone should, instead, be erected, the Athlone Council wrote in a 1967 resolution. History of the stronghold, however, goes back before a stone […]