Comedians Without Borders: Bringing Comedy From Around the World to Dublin

The growing Dublin comedy scene is one of the best parts of the city. The comedy club, The Jesters @ Sin E is the regular performing location for Marcello Fidelis. After moving to Dublin from Brazil in 2017,  the comedy scene quickly attracted Marcello and he became a regular. He went so much, his friends encouraged him to try stand up comedy. Today, Marcello performs with the multinational group Comedians Without Borders

Marcello Fidelis along with a Portuguese man named Pedro Guerra Ribeiro formed Comedians Without Borders. They had the goal of creating an environment for international performers and residents, to perform and experience their own native style of comedy.  Comedians Without Borders, hosts comedians from around they world, including individuals from, Brazil, France, Portugal and many more. The nights build a scene of community through laughter. Comedy is also a great way to get used to the many different accents that Dublin hosts. Different styles of comedy can be experienced and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and these shows provide a platform for comedy in its most global form.


Comedians Without Borders host multiple comedy nights, they have their standard comedy night with international acts. Lost in Translation: Bilingual Nights, which feature comedy in multiple languages. And a podcast themed show run by Pedro called Post Performance Pints. If you would like to go and see a Comedy Without Borders Show it is a great way to expose yourself to Dublin’s comedy scene. Comedians Without Borders hosts shows monthly at Jesters @ Sin E, located at 14-15 Upper Ormond Quays. For more information check out the Comedians Without Borders Facebook page.

Zachary Friedman
Zachary Friedman

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