Crow Black Chicken gig

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for music in Europe. From huge music festivals to small gigs in local pubs, Ireland is teeming with life and music.

When you live in this green country, it’s very likely that you are very fond of Irish bands. Crown Black Chicken is believed to be one of the top Irish blues bands. They were formed in 2009 by vocalist and guitarist Christy O’Hanlon, bass guitarist Steven McGrath and drummer and backing vocalist Gev Barrett. The band’s music combines elements of hard rock, folk, and of course, blues rock. While listening to them, you may notice that they were inspired by Led Zeppelin, Gov’t Mule (an American southern rock band) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (an American band from the 70s).

Their first album entitled Electric Soup was released one year after the band was formed. With this album the band conquered the musical scene and many Irish and English festivals in 2012. The second album was launched in 2014 with catchy rocky-blues songs which will give you positive vibes. The Pariah Brothers album was released one year ago. Like the previous two, you will not be disappointed by the quality of music. The band definitely rocks!

The Deep and strong voice of O’Hanlon mixed with dirty guitar sounds will make you appreciate the unforgettable world of Irish music. The band smoothly transitions from heavier rocky songs to blues ballads. Each song has unique sounds, which are emphasised by the harsh and intense voice of O’Hanlon’s.

Next week you will have an opportunity to immerse yourself into the rocky- blues music. Crow Black Chicken will have a gig on 17th of March at Gypsy Rose. The concert kicks off at 7 pm. Admission costs 10.


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