4 fantastic day trips on a rainy day in Dublin

If you’re new to Ireland, there’s one thing you need to know: There can be all four seasons in one day. When planning trips, you must always be prepared for the rain or wind to throw a spanner in the works. But keep your head up! Here are four ways you can spend day trips on a rainy day in Dublin. Whether you´re an adventurous guy or a more relaxing person – There’s something for every type. Maps included.

1. The 50/50 museum and Guinness day

day trips on a rainy day in dublin
Musicians in an Irish pub

We start in a modern way at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It is home to the National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, started in 1990 and now numbering over 3,500 artworks by Irish and international artists. In case you didn’t know, most museums in Ireland are free, it’s up to you to leave a small donation.

From there, the next exciting museum is already waiting for you, and it’s getting spooky, in a jail! Kilmainham Gaol held thousands of men, women, and children for nearly a century for crimes ranging from petty infractions to involvement in some of Ireland’s most significant historical events – isn’t it exciting to get an insight into that kind of history? Access to Kilmainham Gaol is by guided tour for a fee. So make sure you book a tour.

After all these impressions, it’s now time for coffee and a snack. That’s exactly what you get at Groundstate Café. The cosy roastery is on the way to the next attraction, and let me tell you this much, a full stomach is recommended for the rest of the day.

Enjoy a Guinness with a view of Dublin

It now comes to something the Irish are very proud of: Guinness. Have you ever seen the huge Guinness Storehouse? Now it’s time to see it from the inside. A self-guided tour teaches you a lot about the history, heart and soul of Ireland’s most iconic beer. The ticket price includes a Guinness in the beautiful Gravity bar with an overview of Dublin city. As you now have an overview, it’s time to dive deeper in Irish pub culture!

It’s just a short walk (probably in the rain) from The Guinness Storehouse to The Brazen Head – the oldest Pub in Dublin. Finished your Guinness there? Off to another famous bar close to The Brazen Head. Just cross the Liffey, Frank Ryan´s. They have one of the best Guinness in Dublin and other fantastic drinks there. And if you´re hungry again, you can also get delicious pizza there. Last but not least you head to the Cobblestone. This traditional pub treats you to authentic Traditional Irish music, and excellent Guinness. If you´re still full of energy, there are many other pubs around The Cobblestone. But it’s also understandable if you fall into bed exhausted after this eventful day. 

Total walking distance: 4.9 km.

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2. The action day

day trips on a rainy day in dublin

This rainy day trip in Sandyford is recommended if you like action and adventures, and describe yourself as sporty. It is also worth spending the day as a group. We start at GoQuest. This is an indoor challenge arena with challenges for young and old. When you enter a room, you only have a certain amount of time to complete the challenge; if you succeed, you’ll earn points for that room; if you fail, you can try again or try another challenge. That sounds like a thrill. As if that wasn’t enough, you´ll go to Jumpzone afterwards. There you can let off steam and the jumping triggers many feelings of happiness in you.

On this day you will be challenged!

After that you deserve a snack at Elephant & Castle. Try their delicious burgers, sandwiches or salads. Enough rest!

Burn the calories you just ate at The Wall. In that climbing gym you can test your bouldering skills. If you´ve never heard of that before, let me briefly explain it to you: It’s like climbing but without all the gear. You climb on walls that are similar in height to rocks, but in case you fall, thick mats will protect you from serious injury. This activity is again a great thrill and pushes you to your limits. If you are not exhausted after this day, you are a strong machine. Chapeau! 

→ Total walking distance: 5.4 km.

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3. The cultural day

day trips on a rainy day in dublin
Dublin Castle

On this rainy day trip you will get different cultural insights. You start at Chester Beatty. Never heard of it before? It is definitely worth a visit, because there are lots of different things to explore. With examples of manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, the Chester Beatty is an outstanding Irish museum fostering the appreciation and knowledge of world cultures. It’s absolutely worth visiting. The admission is free and there´s no booking required.

It’s just a short walk to the next spot, Dublin Castle. For centuries, Dublin Castle was the seat of English and then British authority in Ireland. You shouldn’t miss this historical place. 

There are many museums in Dublin

Now we move on to a more modern museum. The National Wax Museum Plus shows you many famous personalities – deceptively real. Explore different attractions like “The time vaults”. The time vaults of Irish History allow visitors to experience the various phases of Irish history through a stunning visual and auditory experience. If you´re more into fiction, say hello to The Simpsons or Harry Potter. 

If you´re hungry now, what about a Turkish kebab? On the way to the next attraction you´ll pass Reyna Grill. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian – everyone gets a delicious meal there.

For more special Dublin moments, go to the theatre after dinner. At the 3Olympia Theatre you can see different artists. The ambiance is breathtaking and makes you feel like a queen or a king. You can sum up all the moments of the day with good live music and Guinness at Gogarty’s Bar. Have fun!

→ Total walking distance: 2.3 km.

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The relaxed day 

day trips on a rainy day in dublin

Last but not least, we make ourselves quite comfortable. Alarm clock off? Perfect. What could be better than a hearty brunch on a rainy day? Brother Hubbard with its two cafés in the north and the south of Dublin is the place to go. On weekends, you can feast there until the afternoon and there’s everything your heart desires: French toasted brioche, granola, falafel and of course a recomendable Mimosa. If you´re full but the day isn’t over yet, how about some board games?

Cross the Liffey and go to The Clockwork Door. That space offers multiple opportunities to have a good time there. You can either enjoy biscuits, coffee and tea while chatting with your friends or pick some card or board games out of their ton of games and enjoy some quality time together.

Choose between different massages and relax

To get the maximum relaxation out of this day, we now go to a spa. Book a massage at Oasis Beauty. You can choose between back massage, foot relaxation massage with a scrub, face, neck and shoulders massage or hot stone massage and many more. If you prefer relaxing on your own, try the Spa Capsule. Massage, Aromatherapy, Water Therapy, and Audio-Visual Relaxation Techniques are a unique mix of advanced technologies and traditional, time-tested healing practices that will deeply relax you and deliver an unmatchable Water Therapy experience. Insider tip: You get 15% off on all massages on thursdays.

Now looking for a delicious dinner and a cool drink? That’s exactly what you get at Thundercut Alley and it’s just a one minute walk from the spa. At the end of that rainy day you will be relaxed, full and happy.

→ Total walking distance: 2.2 km.

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Which rainy day trip is your favourite?

Now that you’ve got some inspiration here, it’s up to you how you spend a rainy day in Dublin. Feel free to change directions or add more stops. I look forward to reading comments about which day trip you did and how you liked it.

Julia Hansjurgen
Julia Hansjurgen

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