Dingle Film Festival 2017

The Dingle International Festival will take place from 23th to 26 March. What is important, the festival focuses on Irish culture, which means, Irish movies, art, animations, and directions will be promoted, however, plenty of international films will be presented.

The festival is divided into seven categories.

In the first one “programme of film screening”  you can learn about movies, which are presented during the festival. The choice is very diverse. Around 7 movies will be shown every day.

For instance, Free Fire, whose main character, Justin, has to face two Irish gangs. The others are about the struggles of teenagers from a town. Sully, the movie featuring Tom Hanks, is a biographical drama movie about  Chesley Sullenberger, who tries to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. The movie is directed by Clint Eastwood. Scene Queen touches on violence on the Internet. The movie tells the story of teenage girls who get into fights and post them online. Personal shopper, the new movie with Kristen Stewart, a disturbing movie with a twisted plot. Irish tales story presents seven short movies, directed by talented directors. Twice shy, is about a young couple and their journey from Ireland to England due to an unexpected pregnancy.

During meet the creatives you will have the chance to get to know famous directors and artists such as  Todd Komarnicki, who is the screenplayer of the Sully movie, Tristan Heanue – the filmmaker form Connemara, and Daphne Pollon, who is the writer and producer of the television comedy (Murphy Brown, The Job).

Animation Dingle also provides animation screening. For instance, you can watch the animation Red Turtle and witness the Irish Animation Awards and the Murakami Awards.

There will be something for the young audience, as well. Disney Channels UK and Ireland provide Ya-oty, a competition for children to create their own animation.

During the film workshops, you will have the chance to learn more about the idea of the festival.

You can book a ticket here bookings@dinglefilmfestival.com

Link to the website http://www.dinglefilmfestival.com/


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