Dolls on the streets of Tokyo – 4 crazy Japanese fashion styles

Japan and especially some districts and streets in Tokyo are known for their bright and vibrant street fashion style. Don’t be afraid when you are in a big city in Japan and walk into someone covered in (fake) blood. There is a high probability that you just run into a so-called “Gore Lolita”.

Here are some of Japan’s craziest fashion styles.


Decora is a youth subculture originating in the popular Harajuku style (Harajuku is a district in Tokyo where you can find several subcultures)

Your aim: Being the brightest individual on the streets and looking like you are a walking jewellery hanger.

Your style: Wear as many brightly – coloured accessories and clothes as possible. “Decorate” yourself with shiny necklaces, bracelets, hair clips etc. This style also allows you to carry your favourite stuffed animals around.

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Get a throwback into the Victorian and the Rococo period. The Lolita style has caused some controversy in the Western world for being sexually suggestive since some people associate the term “Lolita” with a novel of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. (The main protagonist of the novel is an adult who falls in love with a teenager).

Your aim: Imitating the look of a doll and looking as sweet and innocent as possible.

Your style: Knee-long skirts or dresses, loads of frills and ribbons, petticoats and not to forget, knee-long socks. Add cute accessories and bags.

Depending on which style you want to wear (Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Country Lolita, Gory Lolita) you may have to adjust your style.


There are many substyles but the main style focuses on breaking with the traditional beauty standards of Japanese women as portrayed in the media. The Gyaru style (a transliteration of “girl”) was especially popular in the 1990s.

Your aim: Shocking people and rebelling against the traditional beauty standards.

Your style: It’s all about the makeup! You may wear a dark fake tan, long fake eyelashes and nails as well as dark eyeliner, or highlight your lips with white lipstick. Wigs are also recommended if you don’t want to dye your hair as is typical for the Gyaru style. As for clothes, Gyaru girls will often wear loose socks and platform shoes.

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Mori girl:

“Mori” means “forest” in English. The Mori style can be more than just a fashion style. Many Mori girls may prefer the quiet and simple life compared to the bustling and busy city life which is then reflected in their clothing style.

Your aim: Showing your love of nature, living in harmony with your environment and the wilderness and all the beings that live there.

Your style: Plain clothes and colours are preferred. You want to look like you’ve just come out of a mystery forest or a fairytale. Try to achieve a dreamy, airy look by wearing vintage clothes, not too many accessories, flat shoes and maybe scarves. Go for brownish, green tones and dark shades of colours rather than bright colours. Wearing knitted items is also highly encouraged.

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