The Doors & Jimi Hendrix (Light MY Fire & Voodoo Child)

Are you a fan of The Doors and Jimi Hendrix? Would you like to have a chance to go to the The Doors concert and hear Jimi Hendrix? There are still many fans of their music, who surely would like to have the experience of attending one of their concerts.

So why don’t you go to a gig of a cover band? Gypsy Rose – a pub in Dublin – hosts The Doors & Jimi Hendrix (Light My Fire & Voodoo Child) concert.

Firstly, the Light My Fire – The Ultimate Doors Tribute – was formed in 2005 with Bobby Cullen as the vocalist, Martin Saunders on guitar, Artur Graczyk as the drummer and Wiley Wynne, the keyboardist. Each member of the band brings energy and unforgettable experience on the stage. Their  performance is an adventure for both old and young fans of The Doors music.

Secondly, the Voodoo Child Tribute to Jimi Hendrix is an Italian band formed in 2012 by Marco Mannu – Vocals and guitarist, Tobia Ciaglia – Bass guitarist and Backing Vocalist and  Raffaele Contorni –  Drummer.  They are young men, full of passion, who perform crazy and wild gigs.

The tickets cost 10 euros.

The concert kicks off on 25th March at 8 pm.

Check out the band’s facebook!

Light My Fire

Voodoo Child



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