Dublin’s Museums: Back to the Past

Dublin is a city with a long history and tradition and is proud of  quality literature with many world-renowned writers. There are many museums, art galleries and historical buildings. Dublin is full of modern and contemporary art as well as former pieces. Read our first series of Dublin’s museums.

National Museum of Ireland
The National Museum of Ireland is focused on an Irish Art, Culture and Natural History. The museum has four organisational structures: Archaeology, Decorative Arts & History, Natural History and Country Life. Three of them are located in Dublin and one in County Mayo.

The Museum of Archaeology at Kildare Street is the national archive for all archaeological objects established in Ireland. Visitors can see over 2,000,000 artefacts there from prehistoric to late medieval Ireland.

Decorative Arts & History
The Museum of Decorative Arts & History is situated in ex military barracks, Collins Barracks at Benburb Street. The buildings that are remarkable themselves, include many objects from weaponry, furniture, ceramic, silver to costumes and examples of folklife.

Natural History
Visitors who are interested in animals can visit The Museum of Natural History on Merrion Street. The Museum is proud of it’s about 10,000 animals that was drawn from the museum’s exhibitions of over 2,000,000 specimens. This selection was gathered over 2 centuries.

Country Life
The only museum that isn’t located in Dublin is The Museum of Country Life. The exhibitions of the lives of common people who lived in rural Ireland in the period from 1850 to 1950 people can go to see at County Mayo. This museum is the latest addition of The National Museum of Ireland.

Little Museum of Dublin
Find out something about Dublin’s history of 20th century at The Little Museum of Dublin. You can visit exhibitions as Brand New Retro about irish pop culture in 1950-1980, U2: Made in Dublin that tells the story about global success of the band over the last 40 years, Churchill & the Irishman about publisher and politician Brendan Bracken and A Little History of Dublin: story about Dublin in 15 bite-sized clips.

The Little Museum of Dublin is Located at an 18th-century Georgian townhouse at 15 St. Stephen’s Green in the centre of Dublin. It is owned by Dublin City Council and was opened to public 2011. This great museum full of remarkable exhibitions was described as  “Dublin’s best museum experience” by the Irish Times and is termed as a museum number one in Ireland on TripAdvisor.

Dublin Writers Museum
Ireland is proud of four Nobel Prize winners and very long and quality literary tradition known around whole world. The Dublin Writers Museum is situated in Parnell Square in a house from the 18th century. The museum was established in 1991 to promote interest in Irish literature. Visitors can look forward to seeing works of Irish writers from over the past three hundred years.

The museum includes Irish poetry and storytelling of Jonathan Swift or Richard B. Sheridan, the wit and humour of Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw or the giants of the twentieth century led by James Joyce. The museum offers exhibitions, readings and lunchtime theatre. Many opportunities for visitors to explore and enjoy Irish literature.

Sabina Šrámková
Sabina Šrámková

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