Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric cars

An electric car (EV) is an alternative fuel automobile that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion. It uses energy stored in its rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity.
The electric car made its first appearance in the 1880s. Yet, at the moment its market is small as so many still considered it a luxury, and has not turned into a means of transportation. However, the positive outlook tells us that by 2021 electric vehicles will reach more than 10 million worldwide.

Bloomberg Finance, a provider of primary research on clean energy and advanced transport, has estimated that by 2040, 55% of all new car sales and 33% of the global fleet will be electric.
The company’s latest forecast shows that sales of electric vehicles will have increased from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017 to 11 million in 2025 and then will surge “to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to make than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars,” affirmed Salim Morsy, BNEF.

EVs are more popular than ever. Having one has its drawbacks, but also considerable benefits. Here, the top 3.


Among the positives, we find that Electric Vehicles significantly reduced air pollution and lower CO2 emissions. E-cars offer a real opportunity to reduce the carbon output of the transport sector.

Here, the top 3 reasons to buy an EV:

e-car Ireland charging station

1. Electric cars are energy efficient
2. Electric cars reduce emissions
3. Electric cars are high performance and low maintenance

First of all, EVs are much more efficient than conventional gas-powered vehicles: their batteries convert 59 to 62 per cent of energy into vehicle movement while gas-powered vehicles only convert between 17 and 21 per cent.

Emissions are a major source of pollution and, Electric cars do not have tailpipe emissions. It is estimated that an electric car powered by the current electric grid could emit between 15 and 40 per cent less CO2 during its life than a petrol car of similar size.

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, the emissions per km from driving electric is far less than driving petrol or diesel.  The same source establishes that EVs remove emissions from the air, saving pedestrians and cyclists from breathing in the dangerous gases.
Finally, the motors of these cars are quieter -which reduces the noise levels around us- and require less maintenance than internal combustion engines.


However, there are some disadvantages that one must consider when switching modes of transport because nothing is perfect.

electric car
Electric Vehicle. Image: Mike Bird from Pexels.

1. Electric cars can travel less distance
2. Electric cars take long charging times
3. Electric cars are more expensive

On a full charge, most electric models are limited to a range of 60 to 100 miles, which is equivalent to 160 km. These short ranges make conventional cars more attractive.

Recharging can take a while. Most models would take between 4 to 10 hours to get recharged. This is an issue because running out of power can’t be solved by a quick stop at the gas pump. And, it is a big problem for owners in countries where the electricity supply is already deficient. These long times would make it inconvenient and unpractical.
Also, they are a great initial investment. Until technology advances and is less expensive to produce, and e-car may cost between 10,000 Eur and 50,000 Eur or more.

Electric cars in Ireland

ESB is one of the companies in Ireland committed to a cleaner, greener future. They operate and maintain 1,100 public charge points across the island of Ireland.

BONUS! Three extra benefits of e-cars for Irish Customers
1. Government incentive of up to €5,000 grant per vehicle and up to €5,000 Vehicle Registration Tax relief (See www.seai.ie)
2. €120 motor tax band for electric vehicles (See www.seai.ie)
3. Government grant of up to €600 towards home charging point. Please see www.seai.ie for details.

So, it is true that Electric Cars are easier on the environment and, in a world where Climate Change is real, this should be a good enough reason to make the investment.

List of e-cars in the market

Electric Vehicles in the market. Source: ESB.
Electric Vehicles in the market. Source: ESB.
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