Europeans Fear Trump Win

People in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway believe that Donald Trump would be a “terrible” Commander in Chief.

Europeans think that Clinton is the more competent candidate across a wide range of issues. Nearly two thirds (65%) think that she would be the best candidate at improving the USA’s relationship with Europe, compared to just 5% for Trump.

It seems the prospect of a Trump presidency does not sit easily with many Europeans. Asked to say how they would feel about the businessman winning in the election, the most common response in all but one country was that they were “afraid”. The prospect of Trump winning would also be greeted with “disappointment”, “anger”, “sadness”, “pity” and even “amusement”.


Their discomfort about Trump also forms their feelings towards a Clinton victory. Across all countries, the commonly chosen response to the former Secretary of State becoming president is “relief”. Other feelings associated with Clinton prevailing include “optimism”, “happiness” and, tellingly, “indifference”.

Seamus Holland
Seamus Holland


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