Most expensive cities for expats 2016 revealed

The list of the most expensive cities to live in for expats has been revealed. The annual survey complied by Mercer consultancy firm, ranks the most expensive countries for expats to live in. The list takes into account 209 cities around the globe, comparing elements such as housing, food, transport and entertainment costs. The purpose of the survey is to help companies calculate worker’s expenses or allowances for expats.

This year Dublin has ranked 47th most expensive country to live and work in, for expats, in the world. This is due to the tech scene in Ireland growing all the time, with most foreign direct investments coming to the city and the current rent crisis that faces many people living and working in the city.

“As the economy has improved, greater foreign direct investment has put increased pressure on the availability of rental accommodation for expatriates in Dublin” Noel O’Connor, Mercer


Only three Eurozone cities appear on the list, Paris ranked 44th, Dublin ranked 47th and Milan ranked 50th. While other European cities appeared such as Zurich ranked 3rd, Geneva 8th, Bern 13th and London ranked 17th. New York ranked 11th (New York is used as the base for comparisons for the study).

Hong Kong ranked as the most expensive city on the list this year, replacing Luanda, Angola, which topped the list consistently for the last few years. This was due to Luanda’s local currency weakening. Zurich was the third most expensive and Singapore was the fourth, both remaining in the same position as last year’s list. Tokyo rose on the list to fifth place this year. Kinshasa appeared in the top ten for the first time in sixth place, with Shanghai, Geneva, N’Djamena, and Beijing rounding out the top ten cities.

The least expensive cities on the list were Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, Cape Town and Bishkek.

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