Fast and Fastests

In 2017, for just $2.4m, you will be able to buy a car with which being too late to work will be impossible. The new Bugatti, called Chiron, was unveiled today at the Geneva motor show and every motor fanatic on the world is now waiting to see this monster in action. The successor of the Veyron is going to be faster, better looking and obviously, more expensive.


But for Bugatti and its elite customer base, price is a point of pride. This might just be the reason why this car is so good. Also, the French car manufacturer wants to break records in every category possible.


Speed. That’s what newspapers will be writing about the most. The car’s top speed is electronically limited to a 420kph, to not destroy the special Michelin tyres after the first trip to a supermarket.


Three air ducts per wheel provide cooling for the brakes. 50,000 Newton-meters per degree of torsional flex puts the Chiron in the same league as the LMP1 Le Mans prototype.


How much time does your Prius take to reach 100kph? The Chiron takes 13.5 seconds – to 300 kph. It reaches 100kph in less time than you would need to read this sentence (2.5 seconds).


Unimaginable is the power from the Chiron’s quadruple-turbocharged 8-litre W16 engine and even better is Chiron’s tonnage. 1.995 kilograms dry and about 2060 kgs with a full tank of petrol is probably less than your casual vehicle, with a ten times smaller engine, weights.


The car is named after the Monegasque five time French Grand Prix champion Louis Chiron.


Will the new Bugatti achieve the fastest speed by a car, ever? First tests say that this possible. Maybe we are not rich enough to buy a Chiron, but we live in a fantastic time when cars are nearly as fast as planes.


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